Bonnie (Allison Janney) and Adam have been going pretty steady for a while now, and even celebrated their first anniversary amid several glitches. However, in the upcoming episode, Bonnie fears for Adam's safety when he goes skiing, as she remembers his earlier accident. Her fears take hold of her, and so, she is visited by her ex Alvin (Kevin Pollak) from the Great Beyond. For all those who need a quick reminder, Alvin re-entered her life in Season 1, just after Christy (Anna Faris) confronted her late father. Alvin and Bonnie reconciled soon, but their happiness was short-lived as he suffered a massive heart attack and died in a heartbreaking Season 2 episode. Years later, Alvin returns in Bonnie's dream, as she is worried for Adam when he decides to go skiing. He is going to give Bonnie some sound advice and help her overcome this.

The synopsis for the episode reads, "Bonnie is concerned about Adam's safety when he decides to go skiing for the first time since his accident; Tammy worries that Jill is sending the wrong message to the young girls they're mentoring." We're five episodes into the season, without Anna Faris's Christy, and the show is still managing to pull along. In September, Faris had announced that she was leaving the CBS sitcom in September. In the show, Christy was sent off to law school, which was a fitting departure for the character. 

“It’s a huge loss for the show to not have Anna because she was part of creating a character, Christy, that everyone fell in love with,” Janney said in a previous interview. “I think I’ll miss the most the relationship between Bonnie and Christy, even though that will still continue [off screen]."

'Mom' co-creator Gemma Baker told TVLine that Faris’ departure would not hamper Christy’s happy ending. “One of the beautiful things about recovery is that quite often people’s lives get bigger and better than they could have imagined,” she said. “And that will be Christy’s experience. We are pretty sure that our audience, many of whom have been rooting for Christy since the pilot, will be happy for her and satisfied by her new path.”

'Mom' airs on CBS, Thursdays at 8 pm.

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