'Mom' Season 8 Episode 5: Does a disabled Adam die on ski trip after leaving Bonnie all on her own at home?

Adam risks his life by going back to the ski slopes. Here's how Bonnie copes in his absence

                            'Mom' Season 8 Episode 5: Does a disabled Adam die on ski trip after leaving Bonnie all on her own at home?

Just because you're paralyzed from the waist down doesn't mean you have to stay away from your favorite sport — even if that sport was responsible for you being in a wheelchair in the first place. When Adam (William Fichtner) sees one of his friends skiing despite his disability, he decides that it's time to get back to the slopes and start skiing again. Though Bonnie (Allison Janey) wants to support Adam in his dreams, she's secretly quite worried about his trip.

So she sees him off on his way while she stays at home, slowly growing more and more worried about what will happen to Adam. It's clearly driving her crazy, as her friends can see when they come home to talk to her about it. Bonnie lays out just why this is bothering her so much, listing out everyone in her life who has abandoned her — either by leaving or by dying unexpectedly — from her parents to her former lover Alvin (Kevin Pollack). 

Unable to sleep one night, Bonnie comes downstairs to find the ghost of Alvin waiting at the table for her, who has shown up to calm her down. Whether he's there as a ghost or as a worried dream on Bonnie's part, he's still able to provide her some words of wisdom, telling her that the only reason she's as worried as she is is because, for the first time in her life, she's happy.

She's never had as much to lose before as she does now, which is a large part of what makes her worry. Though she's happy to see Adam return, when he talks about returning back to the slopes, Bonnie puts her foot down and tells Adam that she can't go through another weekend like the one she went through again, confessing her worries for the first time.

She tells Adam about her dream and realizes that she just wants Adam to be happy. As a compromise, Adam and Bonnie agree to go on their next ski trip together which is what makes them such a strong couple.The next episode of 'Mom' airs on CBS on January 7, 2021, at 9 pm ET.

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