'Mom' Season 8 Episode 3: Tammy and Adam share adorable connection over living in a world not designed for them

Tammy and Adam's heart-to-heart over how they don't quite fit into society melted a lot of fans' hearts

                            'Mom' Season 8 Episode 3: Tammy and Adam share adorable connection over living in a world not designed for them

Spoilers for 'Mom' Season 8 Episode 3 'Tang and a Safe Space for Everybody'

One of the biggest strengths of a long-running television series with a large cast is that it can really start to mix things up, pairing off characters who don't necessarily get a lot of screen time. In this, you can find surprising moments of connection between characters that can take the fans by surprise, and this episode, a heart-to-heart between Tammy Diffendorf (Kristen Johnston) and Adam Janikowski (William Fichnter) managed to do that.

The story starts when Tammy has to help Adam get some cereal from the top shelf, something Adam is unable to do from his wheelchair. Tammy vows to do some renovations to the kitchen in favor of accessibility for Adam, and really get into the project. So goes so far as to attempt to navigate the kitchen in a rolling office chair, just to get a feel for what Adam goes through. Unfortunately, the landlord and the city prove a barrier to Tammy getting the permits she needs to help Adam, which infuriates her.

Adam and Tammy sit down and have an open conversation about being different - about living in a world that is not designed for them. While Tammy has never had to work through a disability, she does share how difficult life was being a large child from an early age, telling Adam about the time she was cheated out of a princess' tiara at a birthday party because she got stuck in a maze meant for smaller children.

The episode ended on a happy note, however, as Tammy was able to make renovations to the shelves, at least, for Adam's reach, while Adam himself had a surprise for Tammy - the princess' tiara that had long been denied to her. It's a moment that warmed the hearts of 'Mom' fans everywhere.

"Aww omg that was such a cute ending i love tammy and adams friendship," writes one fan. "It was nice to have a B story with just Tammy and Adam, who don't interact much," notes a viewer. "Tonight’s new #Mom episode helps me to feel better after feeling under the weather today. Love the kitchen talk between Adam and Tammy. Great episode on Allison Janney’s birthday," says a fan, noting the birthday of star Allison Janney, who plays Bonnie. "That's our #PrincessTammy," writes a fan, when Tammy claims her crown.





The next episode of 'Mom' airs on November 26 at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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