'Mom' Season 8 Episode 2: Marjorie's boyfriend admits his struggle with alcoholism, fans say 'Gary's annoying'

Marjorie's new boyfriend was instantly disliked by the fandom, who had a strong reaction to his obnoxiousness, but he was able to turn them around

                            'Mom' Season 8 Episode 2: Marjorie's boyfriend admits his struggle with alcoholism, fans say 'Gary's annoying'

The latest episode of 'Mom' introduces a new character, who is making quite an impression on the fans. Unfortunately, it's not a good one. Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) is dating someone new, called Gary (Kevin Dunn), and the fans are already waiting for him to leave - even if Marjorie's a smitten kitten over him.

Gary made a rather bad first impression on Adam (William Fichtner) and Bonnie (Allison Janney) when they were forced to spend their anniversary dinner with him. Gary's boorish manner nearly put a dampener on the couple's first anniversary. His behavior worsened when it came to a ladies' screening night, where his demands for candy and his obnoxious shushing of the women around him had the ladies asking just what Marjorie saw in him. 

"Gary is being a prick," writes a fan. "Gary is beginning to annoy me," writes another. One viewer writes, "Gary's gotta go. Adam is the only man who's figured out how to fit in with these ladies."







However, one of the later scenes in the episode shows a serious, heartfelt speech from Gary about his alcoholism. It was open, vulnerable, and sincere, and led many fans to immediately turn around on their harsh opinions of the character...though they're still not entirely won over. "Gary been through some stuff. He's deeper than he seems. He still annoying, though," writes a fan. One fan, who'd written, "Gary annoying lol", later added, "And with the share they just made us like or at least tolerate Gary." "Gary. Hit me in the feels," writes a viewer. Another fan uses a sentimental gif to share their changed feelings about the character.









Though Kevin Dunn may not be a permanent addition to the cast - given that Gary is only in town for a short while, and may return to Chicago soon - both the fans and Marjorie's support group can finally see just what she sees in Gary. He may not have won over the fandom, but there is at least enough room to understand why Marjorie cares about him as much as she does.

The next episode of 'Mom' airs on Thursday, November 19, at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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