Florida girl, 5, reported missing two days ago hasn't been seen for months, cops say mom stopped cooperating with them

Neighbors of Brianna Williams, mother of Taylor Rose Williams, said they 'never saw a child.'

                            Florida girl, 5, reported missing two days ago hasn't been seen for months, cops say mom stopped cooperating with them
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: Mother of a five-year-old girl reported missing 48 hours ago has stopped cooperating with the authorities after they pointed out several inconsistencies in her story.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office kicked off a massive manhunt for five-year-old Taylor Rose Williams on November 6, with subsequent two-day search involving hundreds of people failing to find the young girl.

Now, First Coast News is reporting that the child's mother, Brianna Williams, has stopped talking to the authorities and is no longer willing to cooperate.

"We were talking to her about some inconsistencies in her statement and that's why she chose to stop cooperating with us," Sheriff Mike Williams revealed at a press on November 7. "Brianna Williams was the last person to see Taylor and we need for her to cooperate with us in this investigation... there's not one scenario or theory that we're not exploring and every possibility is being looked at."

The authorities are asking anyone who has seen Taylor and Williams together in Jacksonville in the last six months to reach out to them, with the case getting murkier by the day.

For one, neighbors of the mother and a couple who helped them move from Southside to Brentwood said they "never saw a child." Three separate sources also told WSBTV that it had been weeks since the young girl was seen.

The five-year-old was enrolled in a daycare center on base at the local US Naval Air Reserve where Williams worked as a Petty Officer 1st Class, but nobody has seen her there since last Spring.

MEAWW previously reported that the authorities issued an Amber Alert for Taylor after she was not in her bedroom early on November 6, and authorities found that the back door of her residence on Ivy Street was unlocked.

The young girl, who police described as weighing around 50lbs, standing at three feet tall, and with brown eyes and black hair, was wearing purple and pink short-sleeved pajamas before her disappearance.

Anyone who has seen Taylor or has information regarding her whereabouts has been advised to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office immediately at 904-630-0500.

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