8-year-old boy forced to wet himself in front of classmates after teacher refused to let him use the restroom, claims mom

8-year-old boy forced to wet himself in front of classmates after teacher refused to let him use the restroom, claims mom

An eight-year-old boy was reportedly forced to wet himself in front of his classmates after a teacher refused to let him use the bathroom, the student's mother has claimed. 

The outraged mother, Sonia Mongol, held a press conference on Thursday outside Manhattan Place Elementary School in Los Angeles, asking school authorities to give her answers as to why her son was treated that way.

Mongol claimed that her son repeatedly requested his teacher to let him use the restroom at the school, however, he was denied.

When the boy could not hold it any longer, the teacher allegedly offered him the option of urinating into a trash can in the classroom and "exposing himself in front of all the other students," according to a Daily Mail report.

The eight-year-old ended up wetting himself and was forced to sit in his urine-soaked clothes. He was later given a trash bag to wear over the wet clothes, which he kept on for the rest of the day at school. The mother added that her son later "went to the nurse's office, [but] received no help."


Mongol also claimed that her son is now bullied for the incident and claims other teachers have also denied him use of the bathroom since the incident.

"Why would you make a child expose himself in front of the classroom and then put a garbage bag over him when he came to you for help? Why would you treat a child that way?" Mongol rhetorically asked. "He’s a kid."

Multiple protesters gathered outside the school, demanding to meet with the principal. However, the doors to the building were locked. Retired LA teacher Latricia Mitchell also supported Mongol, saying that while teachers can refuse a student's bathroom request but when asked twice for it "they should realize something's going on."

The mother of the unidentified student is now demanding that the school readdress its current bathroom policy.


"New restroom laws need to be put into place. Children should be able to go to the restroom whenever they have to go. Our child did not deserve this, no child deserves to be treated this way," Mongol said. "We are outraged, but this will be used not just to make conditions better for our child but for our children."

She added that the school principal Evelyn Samos has still not responded to the allegations, which has prompted her to take the issue with the school board instead for review.

The LA Unified School District board released a statement in response to the allegations, saying: "Los Angeles Unified takes all matters concerning the safety and well-being of our students very seriously. Upon learning about this allegation, law enforcement was notified immediately, and the District is fully cooperating in the investigation."

Reports state that the teacher who put the trash bag on the eight-year-old boy is no longer employed at the school.

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