'Last Man Standing': Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison won't be returning for the seventh season

As Fox takes over ABC's ex-sitcom 'Last Man Standing,' the Baxter kids will be recast after Ephraim and Morrison's exit were confirmed

                            'Last Man Standing': Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison won't be returning for the seventh season
Molly Ephraim (Source : IMDB)

Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison, who had played the roles of Mandy and Boyd Baxter, the daughter and grandson of Tim Allen's Mike Baxter on ex-ABC's 'Last Man Standing,' will not be returning for the seventh season on Fox. Reportedly the two roles will be recast. The show for its seventh season is being revived by Fox, a year after SBC canceled the family comedy. While Ephraim had appeared in all 130 episodes of the sitcom, Morrison played her son Boyd from 2012-2017, starring in half as many episodes as her.  The two actors are still available to continue their roles.

According to Variety, Kaitlyn Dever who had played the role of Eve Baxter on the first six seasons of the series has recently signed up for Netflix's drama 'Unbelievable,' although she is reportedly still negotiating for a recurring role on 'Last Man Standing.' Fox had picked up the show for the seventh season in May, and it will see Allen return in the lead role along with Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo, Amanda Fuller, Jonathan Adams, Christoph Sanders, and Jordan Masterson. Jack Burditt's 'Last Man Standing' sees Allen as a married father of three girls, who try to remain the chauvinistic man in a world with a league of strong female figures. 

Deadline reports that co-star Hector Elizondo also has a chance of making a comeback. The report states that he is currently in the second position to his NBC comedy pilot 'Guess Who Died,' which although was not picked by the network is still being shopped. It has also been reported that Kevin Abbott, who was an executive producer for the original six seasons on ABC and a showrunner in Season 1 and for the second half of the sixth season, will be back once again as showrunner and producer for Season 7. He will, however, be joined by three other 'Last Man Standing' writer/executive producers: Matt Berry (who was also the showrunner for the original series), Kevin Hench and Ed Yeager. 

'Last Man Standing' is set to return on 20th Century Fox TV, in its time slot Friday 8 pm- Fox's Friday lineup which also includes new shows, like 'The Cool Kids.' The show was one of the top players of ABC network, with an average rating of 1.2 among adults between the ages 18-49, and had over 6.4 million viewers per episode on the very days that they were aired. It has a good chance of maintaining its stature among Fox's highest-rated shows. 

Actor Tim Allen attends the 100th episode celebration of ABC's 'Last Man Standing' at CBS Studios. (Getty Images)