Husband jumps off Midtown hotel after estranged wife allegedly beats daughter to death and leaves son in critical condition

Mohammad Torabi, 31, was found dead on an AC unit on the third floor of a hotel on Friday, a day after he jumped from the top of the 17 storied building

                            Husband jumps off Midtown hotel after estranged wife allegedly beats daughter to death and leaves son in critical condition

After his estranged wife Tina allegedly killed one of their toddlers and injured another one, 31-year-old Mohammad Torabi jumped to his death from the top of a Midtown hotel. The man threw himself off the Renaissance New York Hotel on East 57th Street and his body was reportedly discovered on an air conditioning unit on the third floor. His body was found on Saturday at 1:20 pm according to The New York Post. The body was found one day after the jump from the top of the hotel, which has 17 floors. The police have reportedly not found any suicide note and the case is under investigation. They are, however, probing this as a suicide.


Before he jumped to his death, the police suspected that it was Torabi who had committed the crimes. The suspicion began after they found that he had had some issues with drug and domestic abuse in his past and he was unemployed as well. He was also a convicted felon. "Maybe he’s the one who did all that stuff to his daughter. He must have thought, ‘I’m going to jail now,' " an investigative source had reportedly said. 

Tina Torabi, his ex-wife was taken into custody on Thursday, October 4 after the police suspected that she had beaten her 1-year-old daughter Eliana Torabi to death. The police came into Tina's house after she called emergency services on Wednesday night, around 10 pm. They also found her son, Kian, who is Eliana's twin in a terrible physical condition that reportedly included broken ribs. They took the mother into custody at her Queen's residence.  The estranged couple had 5 children, three of whom are now being looked after by Children's Services. 2-year-old Mila, 4-year-old Nadia and 5-year-old Ariana were also at the residence when the police reached.



The daughter was found passed out in the basement of the residence and died at the hospital just half an hour later. Sources in the police reportedly said that they found bruising on the back side of Elaina's head and her genitals. They also found gashes, blisters, and other abrasions all over her body. Additionally, they also found a massive wound on Eliana's midriff area. Kian was rushed to the Cohen Children’s Medical Center where he was announced to be in critical condition. He reportedly had broken ribs and a broken hip along with abrasions on his groins. He also had gashes all over his body and a severely swollen abdomen along with a lacerated liver. 

The remaining three children had been taken to the hospital after the incident where they discovered a burn on Mila's ankle. The police said that at the time of the incident Torabi was not at home. The case is at a standstill as the charges have not yet been filed against Tina. She is being held at 11th Precinct but has reportedly not spoken to the police. The neighbors on the block were stunned to see the police there. They described the mother as 'outgoing and friendly' and someone who 'absolutely adored her children'. 

The mom of five has been charged in the beating of her 1-year-old son. She was charged late Thursday with felony assault for the brutal injuries. Possible charges involving the death of Elaina are pending as authorities await the results of an autopsy, the Queens DA’s office has said.