Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah comes back for photo with young fan who bust his nose while running behind his soccer star's car

The Egyptian national player saw the young fan ramming a lamppost while running behind his car and waving. So, he returned to soothe the young man.

                            Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah comes back for photo with young fan who bust his nose while running behind his soccer star's car

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah saw one of his young fans run into a lamppost while waving at him and get a bloody nose and the soccer star returned for a picture with the fan and made him happy. 

Louis Fowler, 11, was running after his favorite soccer player's car after Salah left the Melwood training ground on August 10 and along with him ran his younger brother Isaac. On the way, he crashed into a lamppost while trying to keep track of Salah's Bentley on the streets and this gave him a bloody nose. This did not go unnoticed as Salah, who turned around to check if his young fan was doing alright. He came back to pose for a picture with Louis and his brother Issac - bloody nose and all. Louis' stepfather Joe Cooper tweeted at Salah for doing the same. 

He wrote, "@MoSalah thank you for coming back to check on my boys after Louis KO’d himself trying to get a wave! He loves you so much and the pain went away instantly when you came to give them a hug. A nose reset worth well worth it. You are a top man and a true gent! #EgyptianKing." Speaking to Liverpool Echo, Cooper said, "We live just opposite Melwood and the two boys have been spending their holidays trying to get pictures of their heroes. Mo Salah was one of the last ones to come out and the boys were waving at him in a bid to catch his attention. Unfortunately, Louis went straight into a lamppost while running after the car and busted his nose when he hit the floor."

He further added, "We were still trying to work out what had happened when Mo arrived. He'd seen one of the boys had hurt himself and he had the decency to drive back into the close to check that he was okay. No one could believe it. Everyone was gobsmacked. Mo asked if the boys were all right and gave them a big hug which was what they both needed."

In praise of Salah, Cooper continued, "They were made up and Louis forgot all about being injured. It was a touch of class on Mo Salah's part to turn round and actively come looking for the boys. He was really apologetic and saying sorry for something that wasn't his fault. I'd just like to say a big thank you to him. He's a top bloke. Mo Salah is their hero and the boys were made up."

Salah is an Egyptian professional footballer who plays for the Premier League club Liverpool as a forward and is also a part of the Egypt national team. 

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