Trump claims credit for Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine, Internet asks him to step aside and 'thank scientists'

Trump claims credit for Moderna's Covid-19  vaccine, Internet asks him to step aside and 'thank scientists'
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Moderna, an American biotechnology firm, announced on Monday, November 16, that its Covid-19 vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective and may be rolled out within weeks. Shortly after the company's announcement of a historic breakthrough, President Donald Trump hailed the vaccine victory against the pandemic battle, saying that it "took place on my watch." The president made the statement even as the United States witnessed one million new cases in the past six days, according to Johns Hopkins data.

Trump wrote: "Another Vaccine just announced. This time by Moderna, 95 [percent] effective. For those great 'historians,' please remember that these great discoveries, which will end the China Plague, all took place on my watch!"


Shortly after Trump's tweet, many social media users denounced the president for taking credit for the vaccines and denying the scientists a much-deserved appreciation. One user wrote: "Every single accomplishment that any American makes during his Presidency, Donald Trump will try and take credit for." Another wrote: "Also, all the vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and any other company will only be widely distributed after Joe Biden’s inauguration. It’s the scientists and researchers who made the vaccine. It’s Joe Biden’s distribution plans that will be executed. Thanks scientists! Thanks Joe!" While a third called him a "White House Karen" for still not conceding in the 2020 elections: "Dude, stop being a #WhiteHouseKaren and concede. Who agrees?"






A fourth denounced Trump's response to the pandemic in the country, writing: "One quarter of a million dead Americans, because you couldn‘t be bothered. And you’re still not doing anything but wait for a vaccine. There are steps that could be taken, and president Biden is willing to take them. Step aside!" Another wrote: "You rejected science every step of the way. You didn’t create the vaccine. Science did. Thanks science. @moderna_tx Stolen valor is a Trump family trait. Thanks to every scientist out there that made this possible."




President-Elect Joe Biden also congratulated the biotech company for its feat in a tweet, writing: "Once again, I congratulate the brilliant women and men who produced this breakthrough and have brought us one step closer to beating this virus."

"Today's news of a second vaccine is further reason to feel hopeful. What was true with the first vaccine remains true with the second: we are still months away. Until then, Americans need to continue to practice social-distancing and mask-wearing to get the virus under control," Biden added.


Moderna, in its Monday announcement, stated that its two-dose vaccine was 94.5 percent successful at fighting the deadly novel coronavirus in infected volunteers. It also added that Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spearheading the coronavirus battle in the country, has stated that the vaccine may be rolled out as soon as December. 

"Doses could be available to high-risk individuals by the end of December," Fauci told MSNBC. "The data are striking, really quite impressive." The news comes days after Pfizer announced the success of its own coronavirus vaccine. The latest news on a successful vaccine also prompted a huge stock rush on Wall Street as the Dow Jones doubled premarket gains and was up 500 points before the opening bell. Meanwhile, Moderna's shares rocketed 13 percent higher and are set to surge. 

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