'Modern Love' Episode 7 looks at parenthood, capitalism and resilience through the eyes of a gay couple's adoption process

'Modern Love' Episode 7 looks at parenthood, capitalism and resilience through the eyes of a gay couple's adoption process

Spoilers ahead for Episode 7 titled 'Hers Was a World of One' of Amazon Prime Video's 'Modern Love' 

Andy (Brandon Kyle Goodman) and Tobin (Andrew Scott) decide to have a baby, but being a gay couple, they realize that it isn't exactly going to be a cakewalk. Actually, they are prepared for a long wait until they finally got a prospect. 

The process of open adoption isn't fluid, so Andy and Tobin are under the impression that them being a gay couple wouldn't work in their favour either putting them at a disadvantage.

But the wait isn't long and the adoption centre arranges a meeting with Karla (Olivia Cooke). The agency informs the couple that Karla isn't a regular person, but faltering to find the right word to describe her, they let the couple gauge for themselves. 

The trio meets at a cafe and Karla orders practically half the menu. The rationale behind the meeting is simple: Karla only wants to know that the couple is in love and can take care of the baby.


Satisfied, they bid farewells with the promise that Karla would come back towards the third trimester travelling for the first two trimesters just as she does. "You guys are good people, and my baby boy or girl, will be privileged to be looked after by a couple like you," she says.  

Karla is indeed unique — she is homeless by choice, holds liberal views in high regards and against capitalism. While this is pretty much everything that the couple believes in, Tobin thinks that she takes it a step further by giving up the regular life and embarking on her travels.

Their differences take a serious turn when Karla, towards the end of her third trimester, comes to live with the couple. One night, Karla gets a homeless guy Mick home (a guest appearance by Ed Sheeran).

Much to Tobin's chagrin, his house now smells of incense, she leaves her clothes lying around everywhere and continues to drink despite being pregnant. He tells her that she doesn't contribute anything to society with her way of life. 


Later that night, Karla's water breaks and they rush to the hospital. You'd expect Andy to be there through the delivery but it is actually Tobin who witnesses the magic of childbirth.

And it completely changes him. He tells Karla that should she choose not to give her daughter up for adoption, he'd totally understand.

But Karla's world is "a world of one". And she is sure about her decision to give up her daughter. "A lot of people who self-destruct don't think twice about destroying their children in the process."

"Maybe DJ's mother knew she was going to self-destruct and wanted to make sure her child wouldn't get gurt. She left him somewhere safe, with parents she chose for him, even though it broke her heart to give him away, because she knew that if he were close, she would hurt him, too."

'Hers Was a World of One' is a heart-touching story about parenthood and unconditional love. Based on the article by Dan Savage and directed by John Carney, it also has themes of resilience and strong will.


All eight episodes of 'Modern Love' are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 


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