'Modern Family' star Ty Burrell reveals what he won't miss about Phil Dunphy as show nears the end

'Modern Family' star Ty Burrell reveals what he won't miss about Phil Dunphy as show nears the end
Ty Burrell (Getty Images)

Television’s long-loved sitcom ‘Modern Family’, after entertaining us for over a decade, will be airing its last ever episode in April. As that’s going to mark the end of an era, fans of ‘Modern Family’ are trying to come to terms with everything they are going to miss about the series, gripping on to every bit of entertainment it has to offer before bidding goodbye.

Meanwhile, the cast members of ‘Modern Family’ through their respective social media handles, have been regularly sharing with fans the last few moments with their onscreen family. 

However, the Emmy award-winning actor Ty Burrell, who essays the role of Phil Dunphy, the patriarch of the Dunphy household, in his latest appearance on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ revealed one thing he is absolutely not going to miss about ‘Modern Family’. 

In a tête-à-tête with the host, Ty Burrell said, “The part I won’t miss so much is that people assume that you’re the character.”

Stating that “some sort of curious thing has happened over time”, Burrell explained that he’s clumsy as a person and during the shoot for Season 5 of ‘Modern Family’, when he tripped and fell people laughed at him, conveniently assuming that it was one of his funny acts. 

Well, it isn’t only the audience he has garnered such a response from. Apparently, even his family deeply associates him with Phil Dunphy. 

Burrell further explained how on the Friday night of the past week he was out with his family when he tripped and took a hard fall. While at 52, he was worried about his condition, his own family looked at him and said,  “Daddy loves attention” and “This guy can’t get enough”.

Well, as much as Burrell is tired of being associated with Phil, we are definitely going to miss all of his misadventures, magic tricks, and the dad jokes. 

‘Modern Family’ airs on ABC on Wednesdays. 


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