'Modern Family' Season 11 preview shows Claire and Phil resort to 'old school parenting' ways on Haley's twins

A teaser released on the official Twitter page of 'Modern Family' shows new grandparents Phil and Claire trying some hacks behind their daughter's back.

                            'Modern Family' Season 11 preview shows Claire and Phil resort to 'old school parenting' ways on Haley's twins

In just a few more hours, the Pritchett-Dunphy family will be returning to our small screens with the premiere of the final season, Season 11 of our favorite sitcom ‘Modern Family.' As we eagerly await the premiere episode, we laid our eyes on a fun teaser which was released on the show’s official Twitter page.

The previous season (Season 10), ended with Haley Dunphy giving birth to twins, and the whole clan fussing over the new additions to the family. The upcoming season will be seeing Haley and her new husband Duncan’s parenting struggles, as they try to figure out how to raise their twins. Thankfully, Haley’s parents Claire and Phil are at hand to help the new parents and share their sage advice on how to handle infants.


The teaser which was released on Twitter gave us some interesting insights into the new dynamics in the Dunphy household. Now that Phil and Claire are grandparents, we expected them to take it more easily when it comes to their grandchildren, and they didn’t disappoint us. The clip shows Phil lamenting about how their daughter, Haley isn’t a “fun-mother." Now we know that Haley might, after all, become a mini version of Claire!

The clip opens with Claire babysitting the twins. She just finishes feeding them, when they start crying loudly. A flustered Claire tries her best to calm them down, as Phil walks in. Claire explains to Phil that she tried everything to calm down the babies but with no success. Phil immediately grabs two pacifiers while saying that although their daughter strictly banned pacifiers for her babies, they should still try it. We must say, we are loving this sneaky side of Claire and Phil. As soon as the twins have a pacifier in their mouths, they calm down, and the seasoned parents credit their old school parenting style for successfully calming the babies.

We will just have to wait for the episode to air, to see how Haley reacts to her parents going behind her back with raising her children. ‘Modern Family’ Season 11 premiers on September 25, at 9/8c only on ABC.

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