'Modern Family': Haley and Dylan's twins do it all for the family members - from sealing a business deal to 'getting' liquor

The ingenuity of the Dunphy clan was on show as they deftly used the babies to their advantage on various occasions.

                            'Modern Family': Haley and Dylan's twins do it all for the family members - from sealing a business deal to 'getting' liquor

As Haley and Dylan continue to get a hang of parenting, the Dunphy family members have found the new twins as the perfect solution to most of their problems. Episode 3 of ‘Modern Family’ which aired on October 9, shows the ingenuity of the Dunphy clan as they use the infants to wriggle their way out in the world.

It all begins with Luke being asked to get some wine for a romantic dinner with his much older girlfriend. His girlfriend believed that Luke is 21, so he can purchase alcohol. However, the young Dunphy boy is only 19, so not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend, he steals his elder sister Alex’s ID card. Unfortunately for him, he gets busted at the liquor store, but he sees another underage boy walk into the store with a kid in stroller and manage to buy alcohol without any hassle. This gives Luke the idea to use his baby nephew and niece to get his hands on some wine.

Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) uses the twins for securing a business deal (ABC)

If you thought Luke was misusing the babies, wait until you hear what the remaining Dunphys did. Claire, who is trying hard to secure a business deal for her closets from one of the top real estate developers, uses the babies as an excuse to get close to the developer. The developer happens to go to the same mommy and baby yoga class as Haley, so Claire immediately grabs the babies and takes them to the class, where she pretends to be their mother while trying to secure the deal with the developer. We are happy to say that Claire got her deal, while the poor babies got no time with their mommy.

Alex needs to get to a place really fast, but in the rush hour traffic, she wouldn’t be able to make it in time, unless she uses the car-pool lane. So she too takes a leaf out of her brother and mother’s books and uses her baby nephew and niece to get access to the car-pool lane. We have to admit, Phil made the best use of babies. He used them as his assistants for his magic show. A fan wrote, “Phil got his turn lol. Who used the babies in the best way tonight? #ModernFamily”.
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