'Modern Family': Gabrielle Ruiz's guest appearance on show as magazine reporter excites fans

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' star Gabrielle Ruiz meets Claire Dunphy who lands an important magazine interview. Ruiz’s role was very brief but fans were very happy to see her back on screen.

                            'Modern Family': Gabrielle Ruiz's guest appearance on show as magazine reporter excites fans

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ star Gabrielle Ruiz made a guest appearance on episode 2 of ‘Modern Family’ which aired on October 2, and fans were very excited to see her. Ruiz played the role of a magazine reporter who visits Claire Dunphy to interview her.

Claire Dunphy lands an important magazine interview with a prominent women’s business magazine. To avoid any distractions or embarrassment, she tricks her family into leaving the house before the interview. However, all her children return in the middle of her interview, resulting in her spinning some more lies to get them out of her way. When the children finally figure out that their mother didn’t want them home, they confront Claire, who comes clean and demands of her children to let her have the interview in peace. The interview goes smoothly, and Claire finds herself on the cover of the magazine. She feels that all her efforts were worth it.

Although Ruiz’s role was very brief, fans were very happy to see her back on screen on their favorite show. A fan tweeted, “OMG it's Gabrielle Ruiz from #crazyexgirlfriend on #ModernFamily !! I missed her....” Another fan wrote, “Omg look who it is! @gabrielleruiz #ModernFamily”. Most fans seemed very excited to see her. “@gabrielleruiz on #modernfamily! I didn't realize how much I miss seeing her on TV”, shared a fan.


The star herself took to Twitter to announce her cameo on the hit sitcom’s episode 2 titled ‘Snapped.' She shared a picture of herself and captioned it with “Tomorrow on @ModernFam you’ll see this sassy face in the Dunphy House! Ep titled “Snapped.” #ModernFamily." Several fans responded to the star’s tweet with encouraging words, congratulating her.
Ruiz rose to fame with her role as Valencia Perez on CW’s hit sitcom ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ where she played the role of a hot yoga instructor who happens to be the girlfriend of Josh (Josh Chan). The show’s protagonist Rebecca Bunch’s (Rachel Bloom) attempts to win back her ex-boyfriend Josh forms the premise of the show. Apart from ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ the actress appeared on several broadway musical shows.

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