'Modern Family' Season 11 sees Claire finally get the alone time she deserves to focus on her career

Claire Dunphy is finally chasing her dreams and prioritizing herself and her career over her family, and we couldn't be happier for this amazing girl boss

                            'Modern Family' Season 11 sees Claire finally get the alone time she deserves to focus on her career

Raising a family can be hard, but it's harder for Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen), who has to single-handedly manage her three children, her goofy but well-meaning husband, Phil and also watch out for her extended family including her little brother Mitchell, his partner Cam, her father Jay and his family.

While juggling between running the household and being available at the beck and call of her three children, she has lost herself.

Since her children are grown up and don't need her as much (they still do rely on her), she finally has some time on her hands to pursue her interests.

She decides to start her own business of selling closets. In the recent episode, we see that Claire has landed a magazine interview with a renowned women's business magazine and couldn't be more excited about it.

Now we all know that the Dunphys can be a bit too much for the outsiders to handle, so Claire plans it in such a way that nobody is at the house at the time of her interview.

She pretends to be sick and manages to wriggle out of Haley, Dylan and Phil's plan of visiting Disney Park, while successfully getting them out of her way. Luke is with his girlfriend at her place while Alex is in Antarctica. So the coast is clear for Claire to have her dream interview.



Unfortunately, her plan falls apart when the kids suspect that their mother is hiding something from them and confront her. Claire finally comes clean and reminds her children how they were always embarrassed by her and never wanted her around when she tried spending time with them.

Now, when she wants one little thing for herself they can't take it out on her. So, they stay out of the way and let Claire finish her interview.

Finally, after all these years, we saw Claire chasing her dreams and getting some much needed time away from her children to focus on herself and her career.

We couldn’t be more proud of you Claire. Fans too feel that Claire has very well earned it.

A fan tweeted, "@ModernFam good for claire she deserves some alone time all the kids never wanted to spend time with her @itsJulieBowen @Sarah_Hyland @arielwinter1 @Nolan_Gould #ModernFamily."
'Modern Family' Season 11 airs every Wednesday, at 9/8c only on ABC.

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