Model arrested after 'offering sex to policemen' in return for turning a blind eye to her road rage row

Model arrested after 'offering sex to policemen' in return for turning a blind eye to her road rage row

Instagram star and model Kira Mayer was reportedly stopped by police officers in Moscow, Russia, once they found that she had a previous motoring ban, which forbade her from driving in the country. However, when she was confronted, she offered them sex just so that they could let her go.

Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that the model was driving her Mercedes when she was stopped by the police, and when they asked her to comply, she offered to have sex "solo or duet” in a bid to avoid charges. But her tactic failed to work, for the officers declined her offer and instead moved to detain her, reports Daily Star


As per reports, the 24-year-old model, who boasts of an Instagram following of more than 150,000 followers, started to scream and even tried to grab the officer’s written report on her alleged offense in order to skip any sort of punishment. She also tried to drive away, along with scratching, kicking and swearing at the officers.


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Later on, she pleaded guilty to the attack, Mayer said, "I completely agree with the charge brought against me. I repent and apologize to the victim." She added, "When I'm very worried, I get screwed up. But I am trying to control myself."

Mayer, who has previously been known to post provocative photos and videos on the social media channel, will now have to serve 18 months in a Russian penal colony. Her plea also meant that 'intimate details' of the case will not she also in the courtroom.


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 Model goes to jail after offering sex to policemen if they turned blind eye to road rage row