Model Chloe Ayling reveals she 'was willing to have sex with her kidnapper to stay alive'

Chloe Ayling talks about her kidnapping experience as she blasts at people who said it was a publicity stunt and how people were trusting her kidnapper's words and not hers.

                            Model Chloe Ayling reveals she 'was willing to have sex with her kidnapper to stay alive'
Chloe Ayling (Source:Getty Images)

21-year-old Chloe Ayling decided to hit back at the critics with her story of survival when several people doubted the model for making up the story for fame. In an interview with The Sun, the model opened up about the incident and expressed her joy over the news that her kidnapper, Lucasz Herba has been put behind bars for 16 years. The model spoke for the first time in public since her abductor was imprisoned. She opened up about finally receiving justice and not being tagged as a liar. 

“It’s a huge relief because I feel like my life has been on hold," she said. “It was six days of hell — and then I had to deal with all the disbelief once I got home. I feel happy now that everyone knows I was telling the truth.” Chloe also opened up about willing to sleep with the kidnapper in a bid to stay alive. The incident took place when Chloe traveled to Milan thinking she had been going to the place for a photoshoot. 

Instead, when she arrived at the location, she was injected with horse tranquilizer ­ketamine by a man who was wearing a mask. She was then stuffed into a suitcase and taken to a remote Italian farmhouse. However, Lucasz claimed that Chloe was involved in the incident and decided to go along with the plan in the hopes of making a name for herself and gaining fame. But Chloe hit back at this statement as she said, “The media were quoting this crazy guy in the headlines and people were reading it as the truth. They had no idea how crazy this guy is.” 

Recalling the moment when the incident took place she said, "Suddenly this man has his hand on my mouth — covering my nose. And then another man ran in front of me with a mask on. I saw he had a syringe. When I woke up I was so drugged. Slowly as I regained ­consciousness, I realized I was in the back of a car." Chloe recalled being confused and lost. "I had no idea why they were ­taking me. Everything went through my head — are they going to rape me? Are they going to kill me?” she said. 

The man in the mask had been Lucasz who told Chloe that he worked for an international human trafficking ring called Black Death and that she would be auctioned off on the dark web as a sex slave. Recalling what she had to do to survive she said, “I thought I might have to sleep with him to survive. My only move to get out of there alive was to get him to like me.” 

Chloe believes if she hadn't started a romantic relationship with Lucasz, he would have killed her. "When he asked to kiss me I didn’t say no. I didn’t want to upset him. Instead, I would say, ‘Maybe in the future," she said. I thought that if I gave him what he wanted that there would be no point in him releasing me. I could see that he was happy about it so I continued to put it off. If he hadn’t reacted in that way, then maybe I would have gone through with it.” On February 22, Lucasz was put on a trial. In the month of July, he was found guilty and has been put behind the bars for 16 years.