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Mnet 'Kingdom' Episode 7: Air time, how to live stream 'No Limit' Unit stage special featuring ATEEZ, Stray Kids and BTOB collab

To add to the latest edition of Mnet's controversial takes, viewers have pointed out that 'Kingdom' has shown a number of 'judges' who are rookies but the participating K-pop acts deserve better
UPDATED MAY 13, 2021
Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and BTOB in same group for 'No Limit' round (Mnet Kingdom)
Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and BTOB in same group for 'No Limit' round (Mnet Kingdom)

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' Episode 7 has been creating a lot of buzz as the upcoming round 'No Limit' can bring in a few surprise elements to the show. From rumors of Blackpink's Lisa joining YG Entertainment's iKON's stage to (G)I-DLE's Miyeon joining BTOB's stage, plus the collaboration stages of dance, rap and vocal units as teased by Mnet, 'Kingdom' will feature some never-seen-before moments in the K-pop history.

After a fun-filled 'Athletic Championship' on Episode 6 where the K-pop stars went outside the four walls of Mnet and celebrated 'Field Day', the competition is back with some more collaborative stages for the 'No Limit' round. In Episode 7, BTOB, ATEEZ and Stray Kids will be having various collaborative unit stages as one group while in another group, SF9, The Boyz and iKON will be coming together with stellar performances. 


Mnet 'Kingdom' Episode 6: Air time, how to live stream 'Athletic Championship' special featuring Stray Kids, ATEEZ and BTOB

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A still of Stray Kids from their 'Athletic Special' episode (Mnet Kingdom)

Air date 

'Kingdom: Legendary War' Episode 7 will be airing on May 13 at 7.50 pm KST.


How to live stream/ Where to watch

'Kingdom: Legendary War' airs from Mnet at 7.50 pm KST. The performance stages and all the special clips are uploaded on Mnet's YouTube channel while the show is airing. The episode will also be available in Rakuten Viki after the show ends. Click here to watch all the previous episodes of Mnet's Kingdom. Check out Mnet's YouTube channel here for all 'Kingdom' updates.







ATEEZ, BTOB and Stray Kids

For the 'No Limit' round, ATEEZ has teamed up with BTOB and Stray Kids where all the separate units of the K-pop acts including vocal unit, dance unit and rapper unit will have collaborative stage performances where they will compete against iKON, SF9 and The Boyz. ATEEZ, BTOB and Stray Kids who have named their group 'Mayfly' has made BTOB's Peniel their leader as the preview footages reveal the groups' bonding behind the scenes. 


SF9, The Boyz, and iKON

SF9, The Boyz, and iKON who have named their group as 'The One' also struck up adorable friendships with each other as seen from preview clips. For the rapper unit, The Boyz Sunwoo is shown meeting iKON’s Bobby at the YG Entertainment building and praising the YG Singer. Sunwoo gushes over Bobby’s semi-final stage on “Show Me the Money 3,” and Bobby shyly acknowledges the compliment. SF9’s Hwiyoung also joins the meeting and both the younger K-pop artists ask Bobby if they can comfortably call him 'hyung' as in older brother.



In another preview snippet, THE BOYZ’s Juyeon of the dance unit is seen in the practice room and SF9’s Taeyang appears right after that.  The duo exchanges some awkward small talk while greeting each other, but soon the mood changes when iKON’s Donghyuk makes an appearance. Juyeon compliments iKon star gushing, “You’re dressed so nicely.” The trio breaks off the ice between each other by asking about their birth years and getting along quickly when they discover they are of the same age. 

SF9’s Taeyang, THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and iKON’s Donghyuk, for Mnet's Kingdom (Mnet YouTube)

Rookies added to the judges panel?

While Episode 7 has promised some never-seen-before stages, with Mnet, it is impossible to avoid controversies. To add to the latest edition of Mnet's controversial takes, viewers have pointed out that 'Kingdom' has shown a number of 'judges' who are rookies and the participating K-pop acts deserve better.

A user noted,  "For the unit stage, there’s a total of 33 special evaluators who are on-site to evaluate and decide which unit won the round. There’s Super Junior Shindong and Donghae + Lia Kim that was introduced in the video. The other members look like rookies that just debuted to me?" Another slammed Mnet saying, "SuJu members + Lia as judges makes sense but why tf would Mnet let JUNIORS judge these seniors who can even be considered as judges & experts ‘emselves?? I mean?? Make it make sense. The only hoobae judge I’d accept is if this was 2014 & trainee BOBBY, SMTM3 champion were there."




Take a look at the preview of Mnet's Kingdom Episode 7 here.


Catch the show 'Kingdom' on Mnet at 7.50 pm  KST on May 13.