#FreeKelly: Joe Kelly banned by MLB for 8 games, Internet asks why no Astros player was suspended for cheating

#FreeKelly: Joe Kelly banned by MLB for 8 games, Internet asks why no Astros player was suspended for cheating
Joe Kelly (Getty Images)

Dodgers player Joe Kelly was suspended for eight games by Major League Baseball on Wednesday, July 29, for throwing fastballs against Houston Astros and fans seem dismayed as to why no Houston Astros player has ever been suspended for such a long time despite cheating their way to the world series. 

Announcing the dismaying news to fans, a reporter for ESPN, Jeff Passan tweeted, “Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly has been suspended eight games. In announcing it, MLB referred to Kelly's past history with intentional throwing, the fastball that buzzed Alex Bregman and his taunting of Carlos Correa.”


MLB mentioned on their website that in the July 28th match, Dodgers pitcher Kelly looked back at Carlos Correa of Houston Astros in the sixth inning of the match as they exchanged words after he knocked down Correa with a high pitch at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

This was the first meeting between the 2017 World Series opponents since the Astros' cheating scandal came to light. The Dodgers seemed to have quite a lot of resentment after finding out that the Astros had used an illegal and elaborate sign-stealing scheme during the 2017 season. After the scandal no player of Astros was punished which is now infuriating the players and fans a lot as losing Kelly for eight games in a sixty game season is being seen as highly unjustified.

MLB’s official website states the reason behind the suspension of the Dodgers pitcher as: “In announcing the discipline, Major League Baseball’s senior vice president of baseball operations Chris Young cited Kelly’s “previous suspension for intentional throwing,” and concluded that Kelly “threw a pitch in the area of the head of Alex Bregman and later taunted Carlos Correa, which led to the benches clearing.”

After Dodgers' July 28 night’s 5-2 success, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts also received a one-game suspension and bench coach Bob Garen is to manage the club on July 29. Houston manager Dusty Baker was also fined for an undisclosed amount for his role in the whole incident, says the website. Kelly has elected to appeal the ban.


The news of Kelly’s suspension has irked fans who brought up the Astros cheating scandal. “The @MLB banned Joe Kelly eight more games than any fraud Astro player was suspended for the systematic top to bottom cheating. #FreeKelly” a fan tweeted. 
“Joe Kelly suspended more games than the cheating Astros my homies hate Rob Manfred," another fan complained. Fans are also tweeting that “MLB turned their front office into a farce. Guys have been suspended for lightly tossing an elbow pad.” Another die-hard fan tweeted supporting the player: “Joe Kelly suspended 8 games? In a 60 game season? For not hitting anyone? Come on MLB. That’s the most laughable thing you could’ve done. Maybe if you had actually punished the Astros players who adamantly denied cheating, none of this would be happening. @MLB #MLB #FreeKelly” .

A fan posting the video of Kelly pulling a pouty face at the game, tweeted, “8 Games??? For making a god damn pouty face at a group OF CONFIRMED CHEATERS WHO GOT LITERALLY ZERO PUNISHMENT??” 


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