MLB player Aubrey Huff comes under fire out for 'insecure, misogynist' dig at LeBron James for carrying purse

Huff had tweeted at James: 'Young men this is not how a man is supposed to dress. Carrying a purse is not cool. I suppose dressing like this makes it easier to kneel. #emasculated'

                            MLB player Aubrey Huff comes under fire out for 'insecure, misogynist' dig at LeBron James for carrying purse
Aubrey Huff and LeBron James (Getty Images)

Aubrey Huff, a Major League Baseball player who has played with several teams in the Baseball series and has always been mired in controversies for being "misogynist and obscene", has drawn flak again for his latest comments. In a recent tweet targeted at National Basketball Association player LeBron James, Huff said, "Young men this is not how a man is supposed to dress. Carrying a purse is not cool. I suppose dressing like this makes it easier to kneel. #emasculated." This came after the NBA player was spotted holding a woman's purse and wearing shorts over a suit in a very carefree manner.



After his tweet, Huff, who has previously played for Tike Tampa Bay Devils, Houston Astros and several others including San Francisco Giants, got slammed by the Internet over his apparent "insecurity". Users trashed him with tweets like he is "obsessed with Black men's bodies and imagining them kneeling", a comment very controversial in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some attacked Huff saying "LeBron James is secure enough about himself to dress however he wants to dress but Aubrey Huff... clearly a different story."


A user said, "You really are obsessed with Black men's bodies, aren't you? And imagining them kneeling, too. Huh."



Another posted, "sir, I don't think LeBron James has to worry about that."


Some people felt that Huff is simply "jealous" as he has no groundbreaking achievements like LeBron who is deemed as the greatest player in NBA history. LeBron was named Male Athlete of the Decade in 2010. He was ranked second-best player in 2018 and 2017 by Slam Magazine and Fox Sports. Soon Twitter was up in arms drawing comparisons between the two players who are actually in different sports. One tweeted, “Aubrey Huff? Never heard of her..  all jokes aside never heard of Aubrey Huff just on trending Twitter... is he on a jordan kobe jeter arod etc etc level athlete? Never seen a huff jersey on a commercial or anything? Is he relevant?"

Another one called out Huff’s toxic masculinity tweeting, "Thank you Aubrey, for showing us how to be masculine! As a zero time All-Star, you really showed 16-time All-Star and 4-time MVP 6’9 250lb billionaire, LeBron James, what it means to act like a man! Thank you for leading by example!"








Aubrey Lewis Huff has played 13 seasons in MLB but more than his game, he is ensnared in controversies over his political views and comments on misogyny. In June this year, the player tweeted "Toxic Masculinity = Free America" in response to a tweet that mentioned how "The gym is absolutely PACKED this morning despite illegally ordering their closure."

The player’s twitter bio too voices that he "is a 'protector of Toxic Masculinity". 


A user on twitter brought up an incident where Huff was not allowed by Giants to attend a celebration of their WS title in 2020 in their reunion. "This, too, is Aubrey Huff. A reminder that the Giants asked him not to come to a celebration of their WS title, not only because of his political commentary but the fact his former teammates hated him when he was a player. Described as 'racist', 'bully', etc.”, he tweeted.


The Giants celebrated the 10th anniversary of their 2010 World Series during a ceremony at Oracle Park on August 16, but Huff was not allowed to attend. In a statement reported on the official MLB website, the Giants said, “Earlier this month, we reached out to Aubrey Huff to let him know that he will not be included in the upcoming 2010 World Series Championship reunion. Aubrey has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization. While we appreciate the many contributions that Aubrey made to the 2010 championship season, we stand by our decision."
When reached by The Athletic for comment, Huff reportedly said he was "Quite frankly, shocked. Disappointed. If it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be having a reunion. But if they want to stick with their politically correct, progressive bullsh*t, that’s fine."
In January this year, Huff made a comment where he mocked the Giants for hiring Alyssa Nakken, the first female coach in major league history, tweeting he "couldn’t imagine taking baseball instruction from an ex female softball player. Have fun with that."


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