MLB 2020: Dennis Eckersley says Workman will 'make ya smoke cigarettes', Internet wants pitcher out of the team

MLB 2020: Dennis Eckersley says Workman will 'make ya smoke cigarettes', Internet wants pitcher out of the team
Brandon Workman (Getty Images)

The Major League Baseball's match between Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets on July 29 was an interesting one. The Red Sox ended their four-game losing streak in the recent game at Citi Field but pitcher Brandon Workman's performance during the match soon became the talk of the town. The Red Sox entered the game playing some of the worst baseball in the entire league. 

Not only the fans are joking on the Internet but in a hilarious video that has been posted by a user, one can hear the conversation between baseball broadcaster Gerald Peter Remy and American former professional baseball pitcher Dennis Lee Eckersley. The video was captioned: “Eck: Workman, he'll make ya smoke cigarettes man, won't he? Remy: Don't talk to me about that, Eck, been a while ”. This has lead to a wave of hilarious jokes where fans are tweeting about the low performance of Workman and apparently want him out of the team. 

“I really needed that, I straight up laughed by myself for about five minutes straight,” tweeted one viewer. Fans are totally in agreement with Eck's comment as they feel his bad performance is giving others so much stress that they'd need a cigarette. Baseball journalist Jared Carrabis tweeted in support of Eck, "Workman, he'll make ya smoke cigarettes, man." I love Eck. Others were loving Eck's observation: “Eck saying that Workman is a pitcher that makes you smoke cigarettes is the best thing that's happened on a Red Sox broadcast since opening night."

More barbs about Workman came flooding in with one saying: “It’s like having Heathcliff Slocumb back”. In another hilarious tweet, a user tweeted, “That’s why you call him the Yak Man because he throws yakkers. One after another.” -Eck on Brandon Workman”. 

Social media is quite upset with the fact that Workman is struggling to hit good scores in the series. They do not want the player to be in the team anymore. A user tweeted “GET WORKMAN THE F**K OUT OF THERE NOW!”.  Another seconded using all caps to get the message clear, “GET WORKMAN OFF OF MY TEAM IMMEDIATELY”. 

Red Sox reporter Christopher Smith tweeted, “Brandon Workman had it all the way, Nathan Eovaldi felt."You know how it is when you’ve got your closer out there,” Eovaldi said. “You have all the confidence in the world in him. There was never any doubt in my mind that Work wouldn’t be able to get it done".

The bizarre jokes stems from the fact that the player has consistently had a rough and low performance in the MLB series. Even his team is struggling to gain points. It was after five games into the rapidly passing season of MLB that Workman finally threw his first pitch tossing a scoreless ninth in a blowout loss to the Mets. Prior to the games on July 13, Workman, who has been named Boston’s closer, knew that his role could change quickly if he doesn’t perform early in a shortened 60-game season. “That’s nice (to be the closer) but in my eyes, it’s still the same,” Workman told MassLive. “I need to go out there and get my outs. I have an idea what inning it’s going to be going into it this year, but just like any other year, if I don’t perform, it’s not going to stay that way and things will adjust.” 


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