MLB 2020: Should Brad Hand be suspended for 8 games? Internet calls him 'garbage', says 'do Indians a favor'

Twitter lashed out at Hand for his underwhelming performance against White Sox during the July 29 game

                            MLB 2020: Should Brad Hand be suspended for 8 games? Internet calls him 'garbage', says 'do Indians a favor'
Brad Hand (Getty Images)

The Cleveland Indians' home games of the shortened 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) season are almost over. Even though they won four of six, fans are miffed with the July 29 4-0 setback against Chicago White Sox. The latter took advantage of a very lackluster ninth inning by Brad Hand. According to a Sports Illustrated, Hand gave up a leadoff double to shortstop Tim Anderson but what followed after was pretty much an example of what a closer should not be doing. 

The report also stated that Indians missed out on a few chances which could have gone in their favor, especially one against Chicago number one starter Lucas Giolito. Giolito went for six innings, allowing four hits with two walks and six strikeouts.  A WSBT report states that Zach Plesac, their No. 5 starter, gave eight terrific innings, who gave a career-high 11, shut out the White Sox on three hits and continued a strong run of Cleveland pitching to start the season.

But once Plesac left, the White Sox finally pulled themselves up against Hand (0-1). Rookie Robert's two-run single helped Chicago snap a three-game losing streak and salvage one game in the series. Hand’s awful inning started with a leadoff double to Tim Anderson, then he walked Yoan Moncada, and on a 1-2 pitch hit Jose Abreu.

Naturally, fans were disappointed and expressed it on social media. People were really miffed with Hand’s performance and lashed out at him. One wanted to trade him with Joe Kelly. Some even blamed him saying, “I can't believe Brad Hand hit that batter on purpose. Eject him right now. Maybe suspend him for a month.”  A Twitter user said, “I have no issue going to a good relief pitcher in a tie game in the 9th game. The issue is Brad Hand unfortunately is not fitting that criteria anymore. Decreased velocity, mechanics hit or miss. It's not great!”

A few fans even went ahead and started a petition demanding MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to suspend Hand for eight games. The petition reads: "Brad Hand is a menace to society and deserves to be suspended. Not only did he very intentionally hit [José]  Abreu in the foot, he is also guilty of killing Zach Plesac’s career best outing and conspiring to rob all Tribe fans of their joy. (Also, feel free to suspend Cimber as he is a co-conspirator with Hand). Another fan said, “They should have a booing sound effect everytime Brad Hand comes out of the bullpen.” A tweet read: “I’d like to move for a vote of “No Confidence” in Brad Hand, grant him his immediate release and make Karinchak the new closer for #OurTribe @Reflog_18.” Another said, "Can the @MLB do the @Indians a favor & suspend Brad Hand for 8 games?? This dude is garbage."

The WSBT report quotes Hand as saying, “Obviously the leadoff double, then I got myself in trouble with the walk and hit by pitch, was trying to get a strikeout with the sac fly, just fell apart right there.”

The loss puts the Indians at 4-2 as stated and now they will get another test as they head to Minnesota for a four-game weekend with the Minnesota Twins starting on July 30 night. The team then plays two games in Cincinnati against the Reds before coming home for two against the Reds next week.

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