MLB 2020: A-Rod trolled for his commentary, Internet asks 'did he just roast himself for using steroids?'

Internet particularly took offense because the former baseball player said Yankees’ Gio Urshela was a better 3B than Oakland Athletics’ Matt Chapman

                            MLB 2020: A-Rod trolled for his commentary, Internet asks 'did he just roast himself for using steroids?'
Alex Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod seems to be at the receiving end of social media wrath yet again. As reported earlier by MEA WorldWide, MLB fans were unhappy that the broadcasters had given him the chance to occupy the commentator’s seat. The reason was because Rodriguez was given a 211-game suspension stemming from the Biogenesis scandal in 2013. Rodriguez reportedly received HGH from Biogenesis of America, an anti-aging clinic in Coral Gables, Florida. This suspension came four years after he admitted to using steroids earlier in his career.

On August 2, New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox, 5-2, in the second of a three-game set in the Bronx. On Friday night's series opener, the Yankees had won 5-1. This is their fifth straight win and they are now 6-1, sporting the best record in baseball, according to CBS Sports. However, this achievement took a back seat as the internet was busy discussing what A-Rod said.

Internet particularly took offense because the former baseball player chose Yankees’ Gio Urshela over Oakland Athletics’ Matt Chapman. One wrote: "A-Rod said Gio Urshela is better defensively at 3B than Matt Chapman? 2-time defending AL Platinum Glove Award winner Matt Chapman???”


Another concurred, “Did A-Rod seriously call Gio Urshela the best 3B in the AL? I'm pretty sure a few guys named Chapman, Bregman, Devers, Moncada, Donaldson, and Rendon would strongly disagree with that statement."


Another user opined: "Aaron Judge destroyed my favorite baseball team tonight while Matt Vasgersian had orgasm after orgasm about it and still the worst part about the game was A-ROD saying Gio Urshela was a better 3B than Matt Chapman."


A surprised fan said, "A-Rod just said Urshela is a better third baseman than Matt Chapman and I spit out my drink."


Another attacked, “A-Rod is the worst. A Homer, can care less about the @MLB teams, the game, the fans, or people in general. @espn #SundayNightBaseball #Shameful he is allowed to announce our great game."


Another commented, "I’m not usually overly critical of broadcasters, but Vasgersian/A-Rod is an incredibly weak team for baseball’s highest profile national TV spot."


Sports commentator Bradon Tierney highlighted another point, "A-Rod literally just said, 'I’m not sure if I’m qualified to comment' on Joe Kelly’s suspension. 1) You’re a human being. 2) You played baseball. 3) You’re a broadcaster. Jeez. Stop thinking so much before you speak, and just speak. Gets in his own way all the time."


One even said, "Aaron Judge is doing his best A-Rod on steroids impression."


One user joked, "A-Rod says suspensions are in his 'wheelhouse ... Something I know a lot about. Other things A-Rod knows a lot about: steroids, tabloid headlines, kissing his reflection, centaurs."


One user mocked saying, "I wish A-Rod could take steroids to become a better commentator."


Another mocked “Did A-Rod seriously just roast himself for using steroids? What a f**king legend.”


Another user said, “A-Rod is certain that he can win us over by re-assuring us about the validity of all of baseball's hoariest cliches. It is almost endearing. Key word: almost."


Some of the key points of Sunday’s game were, Masahiro Tanaka made his season debut after he suffered a hit on the head from a line drive off teammate Giancarlo Stanton's bat during a simulated game in the Yankees "Spring Training 2.0", according to the report. The Red Sox struggled to get a good start. Right-hander Zack Godley gave up five runs on six hits (3 1/3 innings) in his outing.

Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela kept the fans entertained with a 455-foot long solo shot and a grand slam respectively. For Judge, it's the first time that he has homered in four straight games and for Urshela this was his first career grand slam, according to CBS Sports.

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