Missouri 2-year-old gets 'Happy Birthday Loser' cake after Walmart bakery worker mishears her nickname Lizard

Missouri 2-year-old gets 'Happy Birthday Loser' cake after Walmart bakery worker mishears her nickname Lizard

A Missouri woman ordered a birthday cake for her two-year-old daughter only to realize that the final product read "Happy Birthday Loser". 

Although the incident took place last year, Melin Jones said in her Facebook post, which recently went viral, that she had posted details about the incident and shared photos on a social media group and had received tons of requests from users to post it on her page.

"Ok so some of you remember Liz’s birthday cake accident from last year but I posted about it today in a group I’m in and had a lot of request to repost it as public," read part of her post.

It all began when she went to get her daughter Elizabeth a cake for her second birthday from the local Walmart. Jones wanted to get her daughter's nickname, "Lizard," written on the cake. However, the bakery worker misheard the name as "Loser" and ended up writing "Happy Birthday Loser" in red icing on the cake - a mishap that the mother-of-three only realized after she reached home. 

"Liz’s nickname is Lizard. I got her a cake at Walmart & asked the lady to write 'Happy Birthday Lizard.' I did not look at it. Don’t ask me why. As I’m unloading the car I look quickly at it and notice the lady didn’t hear 'Lizard' she heard loser. So here’s my baby & her loser cake. It’s funny now but I was maddddd. She did get a new cake!" jones wrote in the post. 

Elizabeth Jones' second birthday cake (Source: Facebook)

The first photo shared by Melin showed her daughter standing on a chair and looking disappointedly down at the white, and blue sheet cake, which was still in the container with the words "Happy Birthday Loser" staring up at her.

However, the situation was not too bad as a second picture showed a new cake with blue and white icing. Although the second time, the family played safe and went with the then 2-year-old's actual name instead of her nickname, to avoid any errors. 


Jones assured people that the circumstances weren't at all grim as her daughter was not old enough to realize what had happened.

"I can’t believe I actually have to say this but my child can not read and we didn’t tell her what it said [and] EVEN if we did tell her that the cake said loser she doesn’t know what a loser is. So chill. Laugh, it’s funny," she said. 

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