Mississippi cop allegedly murders woman he had affair with because he didn't want his 'wife to find out'

Mississippi cop allegedly murders woman he had affair with because he didn't want his 'wife to find out'
(Source : Police Department)

A Mississippi officer has been taken into custody for the murder of a 32-year-old woman who was reportedly his mistress. The woman Dominique Clayton, a mother of four, was discovered dead on Sunday, May 19. 

According to local station WREG, Oxford officer Matthew Kinne went before a judge on Wednesday, May 22, in his first court appearance and faces a murder charge in the death of Clayton. Officials of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation arrested Kinne after they launched a probe into the killing. Interim police chief Jeff McCutcheon revealed that Kinne could have been romantically involved with Clayton.

The connection and relationship were confirmed by Clayton's family which is when the MBI was called in to conduct an "independent and unbiased" investigation into the matter. McCutcheon shared, "We want to assure you that we will not hide behind our badge. Our hearts go out to the family of Dominique Clayton. To the family, we thank you for your patience and your trust in us to see this through."

Recently, a relative of Clayton shared that she was found lying in bed and had a large amount of blood near the back of her head, a claim which was corroborated by WHBQ-TV. They reported that Clayton had been shot in the back of her head and was found by her eight-year-old son after he was dropped back home by a family member. 

Clayton's sister Shyjuan shared that Kinne was definitely having an affair with her sister. She told WHBQ, "She was having an affair with Matt, the police officer with OPD. He bought my sister a car and kept it in his name. He was about to get her a house. He just basically didn’t want his wife to find out." 

During Kinne's court appearance on May 22, Lafayette County Circuit Judge Andrew Howorth shared with prosecutors and the defense that it was very likely that a reasonable bond amount would be set for Kinne, a declaration which has sparked outrage for the victim's family given that it is a state which usually denies giving bond to murder defendants. 


Clayton's family members have also claimed that they heard the judge laughing during the hearing. Clayton's mother Bessie shared, "They are allowing the killer to decide his bond! That man came through the bushes while he was on duty and walked in behind my daughter’s home, put a bullet in the back of her head and executed her. And they laughed. They should discuss with him what his bond should be? We need help in Oxford! We need intervention in Oxford." As of now, Kinne is in jail in the neighboring Panola County.

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