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'We'd be shot': Missionary Jesse Michael Boyd arrested for fistfight with Montana motorist is back home

Jesse Michael Boyd recalled the incident and said 'At that point he just lit into rage, cursing - my son was standing right there'
Jesse Michael Boyd, the missionary, and his group were taken into custody after they got into a scuffle with a Montana motorist (Facebook/@JesseandJamieBoyd
Jesse Michael Boyd, the missionary, and his group were taken into custody after they got into a scuffle with a Montana motorist (Facebook/@JesseandJamieBoyd

CAMERON, MONTANA: A missionary named Jesse Michael Boyd was arrested for getting into a fistfight with a motorist in Montana. The incident took place after Boyd walked 5,000 miles across America, carrying a cross on his shoulder. Along with his two children, Boyd, 40, traveled with his two other missionaries Eric Trent, 27, and Cater Philips, 20.

On November 12, while in Cameron, Montana, Boyd pulled out his gun against a motorist named Bradley Terrell during a melee between the group and the motorist. Before the scuffle took place, the group passed through 17 states. On a mission to pass out a gospel-related book through Full Proof Gospel Ministries, they have been traveling by walking and driving from North Carolina to the Pacific Ocean, reported the Daily Mail.


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However, the cross-country trip with a mission ended when the group got into an argument with Terrell who scolded them about the parking of their gray Subaru and went to ask them where they parked it. Terrell got out of the car to argue further even after Boyd apologized and told him they were leaving soon. The missionary told Boyd's journey came to a sharp end at the time.

Boyd said to WSOC-TV that "At that point he just lit into rage, cursing - my son was standing right there. I told them there wasn't any need to act like that." Boyd pulled out his gun once Terrell aggressively got out of his car and eventually calmed down after seeing the gun. The motorist forced him to the ground after the missionary put away his weapon. 

At the time, Boyd's daughter and the other missionaries got to the scene to help him which caused their arrest on charges of aggravated assault. Boyd told Daily Mail, "He told us there were rifles trained on us and if we moved, we'd be shot." This confrontation led the group to discontinue their journey as Boyd's children and two other missionaries were handcuffed while he was being arrested. 

Report indicates whether Terrell was arrested is still unclear. "I'd love people to see the evidence. Stay with us, follow the case and follow the facts," said Terrell to Channel 9's Dave Faherty, according to WSOC-TV, indicating that he would release further information about the assault in future. Boyd, his family and others in the group are no longer under custody and the family is back home in North Carolina. However, Boyd and his daughters are required to carry an ankle monitor bracelet.


He posted an update on Facebook after he returned home on November 27 including a photo of the family which read "By God’s amazing and abundant grace, we are back together again, this time at home in North Carolina where it was 60-degrees when we pulled up at sunset." He further wrote "I am a Bible-believing, God-fearing family man who loves his wife of 25 years and his children. I’m not a criminal or a felon. But, I will defend my family and my brethren in Christ when attacked. And, if I’m the only line of defense between a monster and my kids or an innocent person, I will defend myself and so defend them." He ended the note by saying "For these things, I make no apology. It is a man’s duty before God."


The missionary said to Daily Mail that “At some point, I will take up that cross at the very same spot where this took place, and we’ll continue our journey as the Lord leads us to the Pacific Ocean.” He hopes to continue his work as a missionary once they are freed from the ankle monitor.