Miss Universe 2021: Steve Harvey slammed for Miss India cat meoww in gaffe-strewn hosting

Miss Universe 2021: Steve Harvey slammed for Miss India cat meoww in gaffe-strewn hosting
Steve Harvey has been slammed for asking Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu to do an animal impression onstage (@jennifer_su/Twitter)

Miss Universe 2021 pageant wrapped up in Eilat, Israel and Harnaaz Sandhu from India emerged as the winner. However, when the competition was underway and Sandhu was one of the top 16 finalists, Steve Harvey asked Sandhu to do an animal impression onstage while letting other contestants speak about their accomplishments and that didn't go down well with many. Viewers of the international beauty pageant slammed him for not letting Sandhu open up about herself.

Harvey was seen asking Sandhu, "I hear you do some pretty good animal impersonations. Let's hear your best one." Visibly surprised, Sandhu said, "Oh my god, Steve, I was not expecting to do this on the world stage." "I have to do this, I have no other option," she joked. Taking the question in stride, she then let out a few 'meows' in front of over a million viewers.


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What is social media saying?

It was a moment that was called out by many on social media, with users raising questions on why Sandhu had not been given an opportunity to open up about herself instead at the pageant. "Ridiculous that #HarnaazSandhu was asked to meow on stage but boy that girl was on confidence adrenaline... !! Steve Harvey asked Miss India to do an animal impression while other Miss Universe contestants got to speak about their accomplishments," one user wrote on Twitter. "I still can't believe it?! Like, really?! A whole Miss Universe competition and they made her meow like a cat?!" another user wrote.



"Jokes and giggles aside, asking a miss universe contestant to meow on stage is just weird. Harnaaz handled it with a sporting spirit, so really, hats off to her. And my girl won that crown as well. Congratulations!" pne user said, while another wrote, "Why the f*** ya made miss India meow like a cat in front of everyone but gave all the other contestants solid questions? #MissUniverse". One user said, "This is just ridiculous, the Miss India literally meowed to the whole universe while the Miss Paraguay is a polyglot and spoke in an indigenous language!!! It feels like a bad joke that the meow girl won the crown".




"Is "female empowerment" in 2021 - someone being prompted to meow like a cat (as a special talent), after parading in bikinis/swimwear in a "beauty" contest. Yes this is humorous, but surely this is a bit cringe that this is still relevant in 2021. #MissUniverse #MissIndia," one user wrote. "Miss India was asked to meow by @SteveHarveyFM on stage. It was embarrassing but she did it anyway. It wasn't any of her fault but of whoever that decided it was so valid to ask her. I'm pretty sure she wasn't chosen a winner on meowing either so stop hating on her #MissUniverse," another user said.



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