Miss Moscow stripped of title after she was spotted holidaying in Maldives after pulling out of key events citing illness

Alesia Semerenko did not attend any events which she had committed to post her win but was seen vacationing in Maldives from her social media

                            Miss Moscow stripped of title after she was spotted holidaying in Maldives after pulling out of key events citing illness
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Organizers stripped Miss Moscow Alesia Semerenko of her title after she failed to attend any events that winning the title obliged her to, and instead was seen on social media, sunbathing and vacationing in the Maldives. 

It was also reported that Semerenko had damaged the crown she got after winning the pageant three months ago. She kept the crown at her home which is completely against the rules and when it was returned, "the encrusted diamonds were falling off it," the organizers shared.

The 24-year-old, however, has denied all the allegations against her and claims to be a victim of a vendetta. Semerenko believes that a lot of people were upset when she won the prestigious title.

As reported by Mirror, an insider from the prestigious event said Semerenko "must be distressed at having to give away her crown to her nearest competitor – runner-up Ksenia Palenova – but this is what is happening now."

The source also added that it was absolutely impossible to reach Semerenko to show up at events to which she had committed post winning the title. 

Pageant producer Svetlana Yagovitskaya said that Semerenko repeatedly reported being ill  "but in her Instagram, she is having an intense social life."

"She fell ill once then again and again. It was going on for several months. When managers went to see her at home, they found that the crown was broken and bent in several places. It was not clear what exactly Alesia was doing with it — but the crown looked shabby," Yagovitskaya revealed.

The beauty pageant winner was expected to attend an event along with Russian military paratroopers when she was spotted on a beach in the Maldives. "What is the sense in having a queen who we can’t bring anywhere?" Svetlana continued.

As reported by Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, Semerenko was told her "fairytale was over" after she did not pay any heed to a final warning.

The Director of the contest, Tatiana Andreeva-Falk shared with Komsomolskaya Pravda, "It is very unpleasant that nothing matters for her except her beauty. We hardly managed to get the crown back from her. It is broken. It has to be repaired. It is an expensive crown, made from gold-plated silver and semi-precious stones."

"The winner of the contest Is expected to take part in numerous events for one year, mostly for charity. Alesia has not attended a single one. It is impossible to reach her on the phone. We thought hard whether to expel her before the contest but she is such a beautiful girl. We didn’t throw her out. The jury made her the winner," she continued.

Semerenko denied that she refused to attend any event and insisted that she was always reachable on her phone. "I can only say that there is somebody who was very unhappy about my crown. I deserved this victory and this moment cannot be crossed out of the history, whatever they say and write," Semerenko shared.