LEAKED!: Mishel Karen's OnlyFans paid content illegally posted to porn forums by fan

An angry fan leaked Mishel Karen's OnlyFans exclusive content when she didn't reply quickly enough to his private messages as she was sick with Covid

                            LEAKED!: Mishel Karen's OnlyFans paid content illegally posted to porn forums by fan
Mishel Karen (mishel_meshes/Instagram)

Mishel Karen from 'Married At First Sight' was targeted by an enraged fan who thought she was ignoring him. This 'fan' had subscribed to her OnlyFans subscribers-only content and leaked her X-rated content online. Reportedly, reportedly Mishel's exclusive OnlyFans content has been illegally shared for almost a year now without her knowledge. 

The 51-year old grandmother was dismayed by the leak as the subscriber-turned-cyber bully had posted her nude photos and videos on porn forums. Millions were able to access this content without paying the subscription fee for Karen's exclusive OnlyFans content. 


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While 90% of the comments under the gallery are too explicit to be added here, one user wrote, "Some content of Mishel, f**k she is hot though!" Another added, "I have a ***** video of her and a full naked **** ****** photo" It seemed the cyber bully was willing to exchange videos with others. Another user said, "She made a m**********n video. anyone got it?" One user apparently begged, "Is there any way u can send me the video?" Unfortunately, Mishel is not the only whose content is being leaked illegally.

A similar incident went down with her co-star Hayley Vernn who also had to deal with her images and videos being distributed across the Internet. Hayley revealed that in her first year of OnlyFans, she had raked in $600,000. But, she also added that she had to perform some hardcore porn to reach this stage. She said, "It's hard to then keep people paying each month, unless you’re willing to push boundaries."

Mishel was tested positive for Covid and could not reply quickly enough to private messages. This is why an enraged fan started leaking her OnlyFans content. Mishel explained, "It is likely that the leak is related to an original, long-term fan that got upset, who had recently abused me when I was sick with Covid for not getting back to their messages immediately. I had told my fans I was only staying online a few hours each day whilst I was sick and to be patient while I was recovering but this was not okay for him. The fan abused me and is now blocked. This could just be payback, which is sad. My fans are usually very kind and encouraging, as was this fan until he got very upset." Mishel is now getting this fiasco investigated by OnlyFans to ensure no such leaks happen in the future. She ended with, "OnlyFans has reassured me they are working to locate the source of the leak. It is not really fair for the majority that pay for content that someone does leak content."

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