Miranda Lambert explains her silence on her breakup with Blake Shelton: "All the truths were right in those songs"

All everybody wanted to know was about Blake and asking Miranda meant that she had to relive those days repeatedly and it was like really going through hell for the singer.

                            Miranda Lambert explains her silence on her breakup with Blake Shelton: "All the truths were right in those songs"
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Country music star Miranda Lambert is really tired of everyone questioning her about her thoughts on her ex Blake Shelton's romantic life. So, she has decided to open up about why she did not speak out about her breakup with 'The Voice' judge or his relationship with 'Hollaback Girl' singer, Gwen Stefani for many years. Miranda split up with Blake in 2015. 

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Miranda revealed that she had hung up on an interviewer when she was asked about Stefani. She channeled all her pain and frustration into her songs for her 2016 album titled 'The Weight Of These Wings'. The songs from the album speak for themselves and she poured her heart and soul about the feelings she experienced about the breakup of her marriage to Blake. 

According to HITS Daily Double, Miranda shared that she wanted the music to be able to speak for itself and did not want to promote the album. However, when she decided to talk to the press about the album, she revealed that she did not have a positive experience. Miranda shared that she was aware that talking about the breakup and the songs inspired by it "was going to be hell". 

"I came into [manager] Marion [Kraft’s] office and said, ‘I’m not speaking to anyone until they hear this record. I'd already been through hell. It was hell putting it on paper, putting my words on paper. So I didn't want to rehash," she added. The 34-year-old Grammy singer continued, "'I'd finally gotten to a place where I wasn't sad anymore. All the sad moments were there, all the truths were right in those songs. All you had to do was listen. I didn't need to say anything". 

Miranda Lambert (Source: Getty Images)


"It would’ve set up some expectation that couldn’t be met. I was very publicly going through this thing, and there wasn’t an explanation to be given. When the music was out, people had listened, I got on the phone for the first interview. I got on the phone for the first interview. First question was, ‘How do you feel about Gwen?’ I hung up. I told Marion, ‘I just can’t do this.’ What was in the music was real, and I wanted people to get it from that. Take from it what they would. Then if I needed to talk, I would. But I haven’t really until now."

Miranda and Blake announced in July 2015 that they had planned to get a divorce after being married for around four years. Just four months after the announcement of their divorce, it was confirmed that Blake had moved on and was dating his at the time 'The Voice' co-star, Stefani.  Miranda also talked about where she is in her life right now. 

"I am who I am. I am honest about being flawed. That’s all I can be, you know? I cuss. I drink. I get divorced and get my heart broken. I break hearts. I can’t do or be that anymore, or it’ll drive me crazy. I won’t be good anymore,” she shared. “I felt, maybe, a different kind of fear than any other record. It was really my life’s work and my life’s story. But there was also relief, I was thankful to let the music do what the music does — and to allow myself that."

Blake, on the other hand, seems to be looking at a bright future and is very happy with his relationship with the 'No Doubt' star. He even took to Twitter to joke about his perfect attendance at Stefani's new Las Vegas Residency Tour. 

Stefani also shared some behind the stage moments on her Instagram where she was seen placing a kiss on Blake. During the concert, she also sang 'Make Me Like You' which she confessed previously was a song was about Blake. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Stefani admitted, "I see a lot of admiring eyes on my sparkles. I know, it’s ridiculous. You don’t know what it’s like to wear a cowgirl costume right in front of Blake Shelton. It’s like my fantasy come true". 

Blake appeared on NBC's Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist and opened up about his divorce and how Gwen helped him through it. "When I was going through my divorce, and just, hit rock bottom just like anybody does when they go through something that devastating, it's a miracle that I met somebody that was going through the same exact thing that I was at the exact same moment in time," he said in the interview. "I think if Gwen and I were being honest right now talking about this, I think in the back of our minds we both kind of thought this is a rebound deal. I mean, because we're both coming out of a pretty low spot in our lives and we're kind of clinging to each other to get through this."

People also quoted Blake admitting: "I wouldn’t change one thing about my life right now. I’m happy. Sometimes happiness can seem like fleeting moments, but this one has been staying in the same lane for a long time. It’s just amazing. I would just like to ride this wave till I die. The personal side of my life has been chaotic at times over the last few years, but it’s kinda settled down now and just feels good."

Coming to how Miranda has moved on, in April, just after her breakup with boyfriend of two years Anderson East, the star was reportedly linked to Evan Felker, who was still technically married to his wife.