Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker spotted holding hands for the first time and fans slam her for 'homewrecking'

Miranda has been at the receiving end of the barbs as fans and Felker's ex label her a 'homewrecker' for carrying on an affair with a still married man

                            Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker spotted holding hands for the first time and fans slam her for 'homewrecking'

It's official! Months after rumors surfaced that suggested Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker are dating, the pair confirmed their romance as the two were spotted holding hands at the airport. In the photos updated by Us Weekly, the pair was seen having a New York city outing on Wednesday (July 18). While the two seemed to enjoy each other's company, people were not happy to see that the singer was dating a man who was not yet divorced. She was even titled 'homewrecker' by many of the users on social media, as reported by Cafe Mom. Reports suggested that Miranda and Evan started seeing each other in the month of February which prompted him to file for divorce from his wife, Staci Felker. 


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Evan filed for divorce from Staci a day after Valentine's Day. "[People are] making it seems like, 'Oh, they got close while they were on tour together,' as if the tour was six months long, but it was three days, and the first two of those he was still acting like he was in love with his wife," a source told the website. At the same time, the source accused  Evan of "ghosting" his wife, Staci Felker.  Following the romance rumors, Staci also hinted at a drama in her Instagram stories which she posted shortly after the rumors surfaced. 

Staci posted a selfie of her and wrote "PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you." Fans were convinced that Miranda was at fault for the downfall of their marriage. Fans were quick to comment on these new surfaced pictures. "She's all about home wrecking," wrote one user.


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Another wrote, " another victim of homewrecking! She can't find a single guy...because she loves so much a married man...a "HUSBAND GRABER." Others thought that it wasn't in good taste that Miranda decided to date a man who was not yet divorced. "Any woman who would knowingly hook up with a married man all the while his wife and kids are home trying to keep things together is the lowest pos there is, N-A-S-T-Y!!!"

When the news about the romance came to light, Miranda's ex, Blake Shelton also took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the relationship. "Been taking the high road for a long time... I almost gave up. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It's karma!!" he wrote at that time. 

At the same time, Miranda had broken up with her ex, Anderson East in the month of April after being together for two years. People started speculating if the two might have cheated on their respective partners. Miranda and Evan are currently on tour together but it does not look like everyone is going to be a fan of this duo. 

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