How did Miranda Fryer, 34, die? Theory that death was 'side effect' of Covid vaccine DEBUNKED

Following the news that 'Neighbours' star died in her sleep, theorists claim the Covid-19 vaccine killed her, but family statement tells the truth

                            How did Miranda Fryer, 34, die? Theory that death was 'side effect' of Covid vaccine DEBUNKED
Miranda Fryer (Twitter) with an insert of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine (Justin Tallis - Pool / Getty Images)

Tragedy struck the 'Neighbours' family on January 6, 2022, after it was confirmed one of the actresses on the show died. According to reports, Miranda Fryer, the child actress who played Sky Mangel on the show, died suddenly in her sleep at the age of 34. No exact cause of death is available as of now, but the family did hint that underlying health issues may be the reason. 

The sudden and tragic death of Fryer mirrors that of beloved comedian Bob Saget, who also died in his sleep on January 9, 2022. As with Fryer, no cause of death has yet been determined in Saget's death, with police ruling out foul play and drugs. The news of Fryer's death comes the same day iconic 60s singer Ronnie Spector was also confirmed to have died, after a short battle with cancer. 


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As news of Fryer's death went viral on social media, the sudden and shocking nature of it gave birth to a wild conspiracy theory that her death was related to the Covid-19 vaccination. While we don't know if Fryer was indeed vaccinated (there are claims she is which we could not verify), family statements indicate it had nothing to do with her death. 



Did Covid-19 vaccine kill Fryer?

After shooting to fame as a baby, Fryer settled for a less public life and pursued a degree in nursing from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia during the pandemic. In fact, she was due to start working at the Monash Hospital's neuroscience department on February 7 before tragically passing. She is survived by her husband Arthur Pothitis. We do know that he married Fryer at a beachside ceremony in Aspendale in November 2020 after a "long engagement". In a statement, the family said she and Pothitis were "true soulmates" and "were making plans to start their family."

The statement may have hinted at what exactly caused Fryer's death. While the family said "we do not know why" she died, they added she "had had some health issues with her heart." It's unclear what those issues were, but it appears they could have played a role in her death. On Facebook, Fryer's brother Jeremy acknowledged as much, saying, "we are yet to know for sure what the cause was, but with our family history, it looks like her heart failed during her sleep."

"She had so much love and passion for life. She was a truly kind loving person, almost too good to be true," Fryer's mother Traci Hunter said. Tributes are now pouring in for the star, while others on social media have begun to question whether her death is linked to the Covid-19 vaccination. Despite the family statement clearly indicating that she had issues before the pandemic, it didn't stop the conspiracy theorists from flooding the net. 

"Lately people are leaving suddenly, mostly vaccinated. Neighbours actress Miranda Fryer has passed away at the age of 34, having died in her sleep," one user tweeted. Another said, "These “sudden heart attacks” are getting more obvious by the day…" One user tweeted, "34 year old dies in sleep and no one will question whether the vaccine had anything to do with it. Once upon a time young people very seldom suddenly died." Another noted, "Sounds like a vax side effect to me."






At the moment, these claims seem to be nothing less than disinformation created to spread fear about the Covid-19 vaccine. Until Fryer's family says otherwise, please do not believe these claims as they are not supported by any evidence. The Covid-19 vaccines are safe and highly recommended, with all nations closely tracking adverse effects. If you have any doubts, please do refer to the CDC website or your local doctor. 

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