Instacart driver rides over elderly couple's groceries after seeing pro-cop sign in their yard

The driver is accused of ruining a customer's order by intentionally driving over it

                            Instacart driver rides over elderly couple's groceries after seeing pro-cop sign in their yard
Instacart driver allegedly knocked over groceries as couple had pro-police sign (Blaine Police Department)

BLAINE, MINNESOTA: An Instacart driver knocked and rode over the groceries of a customer. He is accused of this intentional behavior as there was a pro-police sign displayed in the couple's yard. Authorities seem to think that the Instacart driver purposefully damaged the groceries of this customer as he did not agree with the sign displayed.

The Blaine Police Department says that charges will be filed against the Instacart delivery driver on account of misconduct. Ruining the elderly couple's groceries was allegedly the driver's way of leaving a negative reaction to the 'Thank You Blaine PD' sign the couple had in their backyard. 


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On December 6, the elderly couple placed an order for groceries with a local Cub Food store. This order was placed via Instacart. The couple kept track of their order and once they were notified that the delivery driver had reached their place, they decided to meet with him outside the main door of the house. They took this decision as the amount of snow in the driveway was too high and they just wanted to make the delivery driver's trip a little easier.

However, as they were coming out of the front door, the delivery driver was yelling at them. While screaming, he asked the couple to check the inside of their Christmas wreath. When they checked the ornament, the couple found a rather insensitive note. The note read, "Instacart doesn’t pay employees sry find another slave f**k the police racist pigs."

However, after the delivery driver left their place, the couple noticed that the grocery items they had placed an order for were completely damaged and looked like they had been run over by the delivery driver's vehicle. The Blaine Police Department reported that the couple has received full compensation for the groceries that had been knocked over. A GoFundMe was set for the couple and it has raised $13,920. The fundraiser has since been closed. 

Looking at the support they received from the community, the couple said under the fundraiser page: "Wow…we are humbled by the overwhelming support and generosity from each one of you. This was completely unexpected and truly a blessing. Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe how grateful we are. At this time, we have decided to close the page, as we no longer feel comfortable accepting more donations. We do know, however, that some of you still wish do contribute. All we ask is that you pay it forward to someone or somewhere in your local community."

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