Why did Minecraft YouTubers GeorgeNotFound, Dream boycott Wendy's? Fast-food chain bashed for 'ban George' poll

Wendy's went live on Twitch to play RPG Genshin Impact but things soon went downhill when it released a poll asking people if it should 'ban George'

                            Why did Minecraft YouTubers GeorgeNotFound, Dream boycott Wendy's? Fast-food chain bashed for 'ban George' poll
Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound boycotted Wendy's (YouTube/@GeorgeNotFound/ Getty Images)

Minecraft YouTubers and fans rallied to boycott Wendy's on Friday morning, February 26, when the fast-food chain jokingly asked if they should ban Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound. This is not the first time that 'boycott Wendy' has trended on Twitter. However, this might be the first time that this trend came about because of a Twitch streamer.

It appeared that the fast-food restaurant chain Wendy's went live on Twitch to play RPG Genshin Impact. "Well, you convinced us to play genshin impact, but now you have to come to the stream and help us figure out what we’re doing. Let’s do it!" Wendy's tweeted.



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What exactly happened?

Unfortunately, it did not go as planned for Wendy's and the drama began when some Minecraft streamers decided to join the stream and asked Wendy’s to sponsor GeorgeNotFound, a Twitch streamer who has millions of followers. Wendy denied to do the same and fans got upset. Wendy’s later released a Twitter poll asking if they should 'ban George again', which resulted in backlash from fans.  

Soon, Dream, a fellow streamer with over 18M followers, posted a picture of Denny's and asked his followers to boycott Wendy's. Following him, Minecraft YouTubers Sapnap, Karl, George, Ranboo, Bad and Mrbeast also asked their followers to boycott the food chain and instead posted pictures of other chains such as Denny's, Tim Hortons, KFC and McDonald's, hoping to bring down the Ohio-based brand.

The Wendy's poll currently has 70.6% in favor of banning George. Some were happy with the idea of banning the streamer. "I can't wait for these streamer kids to become broke unemployed adults (though some probably are). @Wendys has a job. #boycottwendys #UnBanNairo #tinatothemoon george lore Cyndaquil FERAL BOYS," said a tweet.



'Pandering to minecrafters is a lucrative endeavor'

Fans wondered if all this was just for the attention all the parties were enjoying. "I don't play Minecraft, but George appears to have 6.23 million followers on YouTube just for watching him play. No idea what the significance of banning him today is," said a tweet. Connor, another Minecraft YouTuber, commented on Wendy's post, saying, "Only took ur social media manager a year to realize pandering to minecrafters is a lucrative endeavor." Fans were loving Connor's reaction, saying, "Connor just ratio’d Wendy’s with literal facts and logic I’m dead."

Another Twitter user, totally confused, asked, "Who's George", making Wendy's reply to them with, "streamer kid, we're all having a laugh", which led to fans getting angrier with the fast-food chain. "don't mess with mcyts we have Likes #boycottwendys," said a fan. Others asked, "Who's George? He better be worth it to not eat that chili. #boycottwendys."





Fans had suggestions for the fast-food chain. "I think you should focus more on how franchisees/general managers treat their employees, instead of worrying about your social media presence," said a tweet. "Will @Wendys make more money from selling food or from Super Followers on Twitter?" said another. One said, "Are we #boycottwendys because we learned how they make their chili." Another said, "if people are going to #boycottwendys then maybe do it for the actual #boycottwendys movement instead http://boycott-wendys.org."






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