'Mindhunter' season 3 may focus on BTK killer Dennis Rader and Ted Bundy tapes after the unsolved Atlanta Child Murders

There is quite a bit to expect from season three of 'Mindhunter'. Here are five major plot twists you can look forward to from the show.

                            'Mindhunter' season 3 may focus on BTK killer Dennis Rader and Ted Bundy tapes after the unsolved Atlanta Child Murders

With dark and devious serial killings, season two of 'Mindhunter' hops back into the crime scene. While on one hand, Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) and Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) try to expand their team on the other, the horrors of Atlanta Child Murders have hit the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. The ending of the series is a let-down as was the real Atlanta Murders case: with only one suspect Wayne Williams getting convicted for two crimes and the rest of the 29 murders that remain officially unsolved to this day. 

Season one of the show premiered in 2017 and the second installment only came in 2019 after a two-year-long wait. It's quite early to say whether the David Fincher-fronted series will be greenlit by Netflix for the third part, but there seems to be a strong possibility. Considering that the writers and show creators take a bit of time to prepare the script and zero in on the plotlines, 2021 could be a good time to expect a new chapter in the series.

With an air of mystery around the narrative, there is quite a bit to expect from season three of 'Mindhunter'. Here are five major plot twists you can look forward to. 

BTK killer Dennis Rader

In season one, a mystery man called Dennis Rader played by Sonny Valicenti was seen in several snippets as the ADT serviceman. Through all the episodes of season two, Valicenti makes an appearance and confirms he is the BTK killer indeed. Eerie antics used by him to plan his murders and a letter where gives himself the name BTK Killer, which stands for "bind, torture, kill" come into play.

In reality, Rader killed ten people in the Wichita, Kansas metro area between 1974 to 1991, but he wasn't caught until 2005 and hence, he may make several chilling appearances on the show again before finally being convicted. 

Sonny Valicenti as the BTK killer in 'Mindhunter'. (Twitter)

Ted Bundy tapes

Now that the Atlanta Child Murders case ended with a roadblock and much disappointment, there are many other serial killers waiting to be interrogated by the FBI agents. From the Hillside Stranglers to Tool Box Killers and the Long Island serial killers, there is a lot on BSU's platter.  Moreover, high-profile criminals such as Ted Bundy and Joseph Paul Franklin are expected to make an appearance too. Netflix's 'Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes' already caught many eyeballs and it is a positive sign that his presence could be a plus for the series.   

Serial killer Ted Bundy, one of America's most notorious criminals. (Twitter)

Bill Tench's sociopath son

In season two, the spooky story angle around Bill Tench's adopted son seems to have ruffled many feathers. With Tench being away for his cases and his son's involvement in a young boy's murder, his wife Nancy Tench (Stacey Roca) is truly in a mess.  While Tench makes his best attempt to be there for his family, a set of work assignments keep him busy and ultimately lead to Nancy leaving him along with his kid. Bill's character may be etched around the real FBI agent Robert Ressler, but this story certainly deviates from his personal life. It will be intriguing to see where it goes in the next season and whether Brian Tench too turns out as a psychopath. 

Bill Tench's adopted son Brian Tench in the series. (Netflix)

Holden Ford's panic attacks

Season one ended on a major cliffhanger with Holden Ford collapsing after meeting Edmund Kemper (Cameron Britton). Season two begins with his struggle again as he is seen lying in a cold hospital bed. After battling a lethal panic attack, his doctor tells him: "You're my first patient to walk out of here in 25 years." Through the entire season, he still has pangs of panic attacks and continues to pop pills. Will this become a major problem as the pressure of work increases in the next installment? 

Holden Ford collapses due to a panic attack in the first season of 'Mindhunter'. (IMDb)

Wendy Carr's relationship woes

Wendy Carr makes a trailblazing breakthrough as a closeted psychologist. She is shown to be in a relationship with Annaliese Stilman (Lena Olin), head of the Psychology Department at Boston University. In season two, she does find a new partner in bartender Kay Mason (Lauren Glazier) but it too ends up in a complicated mess.  Will she find a constant partner or will Kay be back in her life? Moreover, it will be interesting to see how it affects her professional sphere as she feels constantly overthrown by the new boss Ted Gunn (Michael Cerveris). 

Anna Torv as Dr. Wendy Carr in 'Mindhunter'. (IMDb)

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