Watch: Impatient cyclist tackled by cops after he attempts to defuse a suspected bomb

Watch: Impatient cyclist tackled by cops after he attempts to defuse a suspected bomb
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Bizarre scenes unfolded on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee on Monday, May 21, when a frustrated cyclist decided to “defuse” a suspected bomb. He was reportedly irritated because the official bomb squad was taking “too long” to examine the contents of a suspicious package that officers feared contained an explosive device.

The police received reports of the bag after it was spotted on top of an electrical box on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee shortly before 7 am. The call was promptly responded to by police officers and the bomb squad who were called in to investigate the “suspicious package” before the bizarre scene unfolded.

According to the Daily Mail, footage of the incident shows the bag being moved from the electrical box onto the intersection by an officer in protective armor. The bag was moved as a safety precaution but unfortunately caused the road to be blocked off with police tape.


The seemingly impatient cyclist is seen getting off his bike next to the yellow tape. He then rushes onto the scene picking up the bag and tipping out the contents.  A water bottle, clothing and some smaller items - none of which seem to have been of an explosive nature- fell onto the street.

On making sure that the items were not dangerous, the seemingly exasperated man is seen throwing his hands up in the air.

The video then appears to show the moment the irate road user is tackled to the ground by police officers. He was apparently arrested by officers on the scene.

"He rode past me and he was saying: 'I'm going to diffuse this situation',” Robert Harris, the person who called in the bag as a possible danger, told "I was concerned for everyone still around, but really concerned for him. He was not acting in his right mind.


"If I would have saw him coming down the sidewalk earlier, I would have tried to stop him. It's a scary situation. You don't know if it's a bomb or backpack. When he went and did it, I thought oh no. It's not going to end well. It's going to end bad.

"Some water bottles came out and they were aluminum or stainless steel. You don't know they were just water bottles. It could have been a bomb device there."

The Sun reported that Milwaukee Police arrested the man but it is not known if he is being charged with any crimes. Eyewitnesses at the scene described how they were terrified that the man was “going to get blown up” because of his reckless behavior.


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 milwaukee cyclist tackled by cops for opening suspicious package