‘Million Dollar Wheels’: Kim Kardashian now owns the HOTTEST mom-mobile in US

‘Million Dollar Wheels’: Kim Kardashian now owns the HOTTEST mom-mobile in US
Super soccer mom buys a luxurious minivan worth $400k

Kim Kardashian featured on Discovery’s hit reality show ‘Million Dollar Wheels’ with her rich mom ride in the episode that premiered this week. The billionaire socialite recently introduced the mom ride to her fleet of luxury convertibles and documented the entire buying process on the show. It is a custom luxury Maybach van that she scooped together with her friend RD Whittington who owns Wires Only, a full-service Automotive, Entertainment, and Aviation company that specializes in customizing celebrity vehicles.
Inside the minivan, the 41-year-old has made adjustments for everything that screams the fact that the KUWTK star is not your regular soccer mom. The Maybach van has multi-color roof lighting, folding tables, seat heaters and coolers, and reclining captain's chairs throughout.


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Inside Kim Kardashian's luxurious $400k minivan (Photo Credits: YouTube/blackfilmandtv)


The van also features leather seats with diamond stitching, and that must-have kid distraction, individual TV screens in all the seat partitions. That stuff inside alone adds up to a whopping $400k that Kim happily dropped for her ultimate mom-mobile.



Just last week, Kim was in the news for a viral Reddit thread that slammed the billionaire model for dishing up “child-size” portions to her guests on her $150 million private jet. The diss trail began when the reality TV star’s stylist Danielle Levi posted a snap of her plate of rigatoni and tomato sauce on her Instagram Story while onboard her luxury plane. The picture showed the plate of pasta from Carbone, an A-list restaurant on a placemat with one slice of bread next to it.
Danielle, who reportedly flew to Miami with Kim, captioned the picture as “Kim Air”. As soon as the pic went viral, critics of the 'KUWTK' star bashed her on a Reddit thread for serving "tiny portions" to her guests. "Why are their portions so tiny yet so expensive?" one critic wrote, while another agreed: "Celeb portions trip me out, I can eat like three of these in one sitting." Another chimed in saying "That pasta looks dry as hell, never mind the portion size."

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