'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles': Realtors Josh Flagg, David Parnes upset clients with 'dated properties'

Season 12 Episode 3 features a home with a high-rise overlooking its pool, followed by another property with poorly-designed cabinets

                            'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles': Realtors Josh Flagg, David Parnes upset clients with 'dated properties'
David Parnes, Josh Flagg (Getty Images)

Spoilers for 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' Season 12 Episode 3

Josh Flagg's pitches are on-point and often convincing. But this time, he's going to have to work harder to get his client, Heather, to believe in him and his choice of house. Tonight, Josh takes Heather to a remodeled house, which flaunts a bright blue exterior. From the word go, it was going to be a no but Josh requested that she kept an open mind, which she did but the property had hardly anything new, fresh, and exciting to offer. 

Upon further exploration, Heather finds that it's been a year since the house had been renovated. Clearly, that was a long gap. As she toured the house and its surrounding areas, she was shocked to see that a high-rise was overlooking the pool and that everything in the backyard was hardscaped.

Heather said there was no point checking the insides out after she complained about the street being busy. But Josh wanted to make Heather see the positive in it: "It has sidewalks, which are kid-friendly. We are learning, this is a process."

But he's not the only one who's getting the heat this episode. David Parnes' potential buyers are tough critics. While one was not happy with the kitchen, there were two of them who asked specifically if the house was dated. Another client listed out the kitchen lights and poorly-designed cabinets as some of the many deterrents. David was visibly frustrated with the reviews but he didn't give up and continued to pitch the property. 

To one of his clients, he tried to sell how private the area was and that the bedroom windows opened to a serene garden. But that wasn't enough. He and most of his other clients had just one thing to say: "The property is dated." 

In such situations, the realtor will either have to move on to another listed property or lose the clients perhaps? Anything is possible. But both Josh and David are experienced realtors and so, they should be able to wiggle their way of this pickle. 

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