'Million Dollar Listing': Tracy is a saint for putting up with Scott's many house rules, say livid fans

'Million Dollar Listing': Tracy is a saint for putting up with Scott's many house rules, say livid fans
Tracy Tutor (Bravo)

Developer Scott Gillen is particular about his property and understandably so. His $75M mansion is exquisite and therefore, he wants to keep its beauty intact until it goes to a buyer.

When he delegated realtor Tracy Tutor with the job of selling the house, he pointed out in clear terms that no shoes or food will be allowed in the premises during the showing. The rules were followed during the first few minutes or so but with time, it was all over the place and that was something Scott didn't approve. 

Meanwhile, fans cannot stop talking about how irksome Scott is and the hygiene directives he has put in place. "Scott, the owner of this mansion... is a major a**waffle. #MillionDollarListing #MDLLA," a fan commented. While another shared: "Tracy might as well have done a virtual tour for any prospective buyers. This Scott person is a complete a**hole and should just list and show the damn thing himself. It’s not worth the trouble. #MDLLA."

"@thetracytutor is a saint for putting up with that man Scott! Even though she is getting paid for it. #MDLLA," a user tweeted. "If Scott thinks he knows so much more than the real estate agents, then why doesn’t he get his license and sell his own houses? Him being too meticulous and micromanaging is probably why he has a hard time getting his properties sold quickly. #MDLLA," another posted. 

Being particular about hygiene is not a big ask but to go overboard with it may cause a problem for realtors in the future. Tracy delivered everything with robust marketing strategy and that too in a week's time. And that's exactly why she deserves more than scorns and hateful comments, fans thought. But not everyone thinks alike. There's a section of viewers who agreed with Scott's idiosyncrasies and collectively said that if it were their house, they too would make sure that no one walked the deck in heels or ate food in the premises.

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