'Million Dollar Listing': Will Josh lose A-list client Becca Tobin over a theater that 'feels like murder'?

'Million Dollar Listing': Will Josh lose A-list client Becca Tobin over a theater that 'feels like murder'?
Josh Flagg, Becca Tobin (Getty Images)

Josh Flagg is an individual who carries a lot of charm and wears a relaxed demeanor. And as one would think, it must take a lot to get him worked up. 

In this week's episode of 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles', former 'Glee' cast member Becca Tobin gives Josh a hard time. She is not impressed with the property Josh shows her. As Becca tours the house, she puts up quite a show to let Josh know that she doesn't like certain features of the house — the bathroom and the theater. She steps into the bathroom and picks up the telly to make a pretend phone call to Josh, saying: "Ring ring. Hi, I'm Becca Tobin. I love this house but I hate this bathroom." Not having a great bathroom is a major red flag for anyone looking to buy a house.

Josh has to do better. And with that thought, he takes Becca around the theater, which is massive and appears decent but Becca isn't impressed at all. "This feels like murder," the actress says. 

One can see Josh getting more and more confused and conflicted about the house. But we can all trust him to get the job done because this isn't the first time that Josh has had to deal with a client who has an eye for detail. Earlier in the season, Josh had a hard time convincing one of his potential clients that a certain house was fit for her but she wasn't sure because the hardscaping was an eyesore.

In Episode 7 of 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles', Josh is showing a 1920s Mediterranean house. He is the leading expert on historical homes and why not, given his robust knowledge of dated properties. And this is possibly one of the reasons why he was sworn in as the commissioner of Beverly Hill’s Cultural Heritage Commission on July 8. "Very honored to step in and take Noah Furie’s place as commissioner," he wrote in the caption of the post. "Thank you Noah for all your years of hard work! I have very big shoes to fill," he wrote on Instagram.

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