Military top brass 'disgusted' at Prince Harry's royal exit, urge him to 'put Queen and country first'

The military thoroughly disapproves of Harry's decision to walk away from his public duties to be become a 'power couple' with his wife, Meghan Markle.

                            Military top brass 'disgusted' at Prince Harry's royal exit, urge him to 'put Queen and country first'
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Getty Images)

The military has lost respect for Prince Harry given his and Meghan Markle's bombshell announcement to step back as senior royals. 

One of the army's most senior officers has urged Harry, an Afghanistan veteran, to put the "Queen and country first" and has said that he would not raise a toast to him. Harry who is 6th in line to the throne after his brother Prince William and his children, had been very popular with the armed forces community and had also done a lot of charitable work for veterans such as the Invictus Games. 

However, the army is very disapproving of Harry and Meghan's recent actions about quitting being senior royals without telling the Queen or other senior royals. They do not appreciate Harry walking away from his public duties along with his wife Meghan Markle in order to become a celebrity 'power couple' in North America. 

Prince Harry (R) while serving in Afghanistan in 2012 (Getty Images)

A former captain in the Special Boat Service, James Glancy spoke to the Daily Telegraph and said, "Prince Harry has every right to want to balance his responsibilities between the Royal family and his wife and young family, but first and foremost Harry was a commissioned officer who pledged allegiance to the Queen and the Queen is his grandmother, so when push comes to shove, Queen and country come first." 

While giving an interview on Nigel Farage's radio show, Glancy had suggested that he would decline to toast to Prince Harry and said, "Harry’s been a great public servant, but his behavior in the last year is not becoming of somebody that holds these important positions, these patronages, including that of the Captain-General [of the Royal Marines]."

"Now I’ve spoken to other Royal Marines and other people in the military and they’re very upset if not disgusted at the disrespect to the Queen by not discussing [his plans with Meghan]. If he wants to leave those positions, if he wants to go abroad with his wife, he’s absolutely entitled to have another life and he’s entitled to live overseas. But you can’t do this half and half. You’re either in or you’re out," he continued. 

The royal marines have been unhappy with their Captain General for a while now as he seems to be more and more obsessed with celebrity and political activism post his marriage to Meghan. A source shared with Daily Mirror, "A lot of lads were not impressed that he was just given a beret and his commando badges yet he did nothing for them, not one run, nothing. He won’t be missed."