Lindsay Lohan compares herself to Miley Cyrus, gets brutally trolled

26-year-old Miley Cyrus' fans were not pleased after she used the phrase 'girls like us' and felt that 32-year-old Lindsay Lohan was comparing herself to the 'Malibu' singer

                            Lindsay Lohan compares herself to Miley Cyrus, gets brutally trolled
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Lindsay Lohan's comment on Miley Cyrus's Instagram post has left the latter's fans fuming. 

Many fans felt the 32-year-old 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' star was comparing herself to the 'Malibu' singer after she used the phrase "girls like us". However, Cyrus's fans are now super angry and Lohan is receiving hate from them as they let her know she is nowhere close to being like Cyrus.

It all started when Cyrus, 26, recently posted a sultry picture of her dolled up in a mini dress at a hotel. The 'Wrecking Ball' singer captioned the picture with a quote from 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' winner Alaska Thunderf**k. Her caption read: "When the doorman asks to see ID… Mother***ker, this FACE is my ID.”

Lohan commented on Cyrus' post saying: “Only girls like us know how to pull that look.”

This comment resulted in fans getting furious because Lohan compared herself to the singer and actress. Starting off, a fan rudely told Lohan to "just stop." While another fan commented saying, "Who is this ‘us’?"

And the hate did not stop with that, some fans got too personal and commented saying, "You ain’t even close to being a girl like @mileycyrus. First reason is you’re old and washed up."

That comment was harsh, but not the harshest one Lohan recieved from fans. One even accussed the 'Mean Girls' actress of undergoing plastic surgery. “@lindsaylohan I mean... but in all reality... Miley didn’t have to have plastic surgery to look as good as she looks so I mean... us?” a fan wrote.

Lohan and Miley have been friends for years, and Cyrus has previously supported Lohan on Instagram many times. The most recent one would be in January when Cyrus uploaded a cover of Lohan’s 2004 song “Rumors” as her Instagram story. Lohan reposted that as her own story and captioned it "Love You." 

Cyrus supported Lohan again that same month when a website called 'Beach Club' “painful voyeurism.” Cyrus commented on it saying, “Lies! It’s the best show ever.” Cyrus has been in the headlines recently ever since she became active on Twitter. Most recently, the singer teased fans about a new music video that left them anticipating as to what it might be.

The singer continued to tease fans about her new music when she uploaded a picture tagging rapper Drake in it. "Drenching myself in @champagnepapi tears 💧💦💧💦," the caption read. Taking this as a hint, fans are now guessing that the new music Cyrus has been teasing about might be a collaboration with her and Drake.