Mike Tyson forced to sell his pet Bengal tiger after 16 years because she 'ripped somebody's arm off'

Mike Tyson forced to sell his pet Bengal tiger after 16 years because she 'ripped somebody's arm off'
Mike Tyson (Getty Images)

Mike Tyson has revealed that he was forced to sell his pet Bengal tiger after she ripped someone's arm off. 

The former heavyweight boxing world champion opened up about why he had to part with his beloved wild cat, named Kenya, after 16 years of being together.

“I did have a pet tiger, her name was Kenya and she was around 550 pounds. I had a great affection for her; I kept her, I slept with her, I kept her in my room. She stayed with me; I had her for about 16 years. But she got too old and I had to get rid of her when her eyes and her head got bad. Oh, and she ripped somebody’s arm off," Tyson told GQ magazine

Former Heavy Weight Champion Boxer Mike Tyson attends the Great Wall Weigh-in of IBF World Boxing Championship Bout at Mutianyu on May 24, 2016 in Beijing, China. (Getty Images)

After he was convicted of rape and sent to prison for six years in 1992, Tyson told USA Today that he bought the tiger from behind the bars. Apparently, he was talking to his car dealer about buying a luxury vehicle but finally decided to settle on Kenya instead. At the time, the tiger cost him a reported $71,000. 


The 53-year-old currently owns a cannabis farm in California.

Back in August, Tyson revealed in an episode of his podcast, called "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" that he, along with his friend, former NFL player Eben Britton, spent around $40,000 on weed every month.

"We smoke 10 tons of weed at the ranch a month," Britton said, referring to his Tyson Ranch. His revelation shocked Mike's guest for the night, rapper Jim Jones who exclaimed, "That's a lot of weed. That's nonstop, every second weed right there."Mike launched the Tyson Ranch shortly after California's recreational marijuana laws went into effect in 2018. It sells nine strains of cannabis flower, potent extracts and is looking to sell edibles.


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