Mike Tyson says Michael Jackson was an 'expert in seduction' and that his 'feeble look' was just an act

The legendary boxer said that he hated MJ's guts for a very long time since the singer had hurt his ego

                            Mike Tyson says Michael Jackson was an 'expert in seduction' and that his 'feeble look' was just an act
Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson (Getty Images)

Mike Tyson has opened up about his friendship with Michael Jackson and claimed the 'King of Pop' was a "cold m*****f*****" who was an "expert in seduction."

Speaking during his appearance on rapper T.I.'s 'Expeditiously' podcast, the former undisputed world heavyweight champion and legendary boxer said there was a point where he used to "hate" Jackson because he thought the singer had dissed him backstage during one of his concerts in the 1980s.

The boxer said he had just become the heavyweight champion of the world, reported TMZ, and was well on his way to achieving superstardom but that Jackson treated him like he was a nobody, much to his annoyance.

"That cold m*****f*****. I hated his guts forever," he told T.I. about his first run-in with Jackson. "It broke my ego... it crushed me."

He said he harbored animosity towards Jackson for the longest time after that meeting, but all that changed when one of the singer's friends approached him and told him that he wanted to hang out with the boxer.

Tyson said he swallowed his pride and visited Jackson, hoping that they would settle their differences and that the meeting went even better than he could have ever imagined.

He explained that, not only did he and Jackson bury the hatchet, but that he also learned that the singer was a genius and not a "f***** idiot" as some made him out to be because of his relaxed demeanor.

"He wasn't no f****** stupid little feeble lookin' boy like Peter Pan," Tyson shared. "He's f**king sharp. He knew what f****** time it was. It blew my mind. Never in a million years."

The 53-year-old went on to say that Jackson was a "player" who was an expert in the art of seduction, adding that the singer went so far as to give him pointers on how to land beautiful women.

"I thought he was a f**king idiot until I met him that day," he said. "I learned to respect him. I knew he was a player."

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