What is Mike Lindell’s net worth? MyPillow CEO hit with $1.3B defamation suit by Dominion Voting Systems

Dominion Voting Systems is suing MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell, seeking about $1.3 billion in damages. The question is, is the company, with approximately $300 million a year in revenue, and the multimillionaire Lindell worth that much?

                            What is Mike Lindell’s net worth? MyPillow CEO hit with $1.3B defamation suit by Dominion Voting Systems
Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, is an outspoken supporter of the Trump presidency and his campaign for reelection (Getty Images)

Dominion Voting Systems has sued MyPillow Inc. and its CEO, Mike Lindell, in a lawsuit for damages worth $1.3 billion. The 115-page lawsuit filed on Monday, February 22, in Washington, DC, cites Lindell's media appearances and social media posts pushing what they called the "Big Lie" about Dominion's machines. It alleged that the defamatory comments that Lindell repeatedly made about Dominion caused damage to the brand. 
The complaint accused Lindell of knowingly spreading false information about how Dominion’s voting machines conduct audits, investments from foreign countries, and its presence in U.S. voting systems. The lawsuit stated Lindell “knowingly lied about Dominion to sell more pillows to people who continued tuning in to hear what they wanted to hear about the election”. Dominion claimed that Lindell and MyPillow used "promo codes like 'FightforTrump', '45', 'Proof', and 'QAnon'" which "increased MyPillow sales by 30-40%" and duped people into "redirecting their election-lie outrage into pillow purchases". Dominion stated its intent was to "stop Lindell and MyPillow from further profiting at Dominion’s expense".


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says Dominion hired 'hit groups and trolls' to 'cancel' him over voter fraud claim

What is 'Absolute Proof'? MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's pro-Trump film on election fraud pulled from Vimeo, YouTube

After Dominion had first indicated it might sue him, Lindell had amplified his allegations against the company in a documentary he published about the company titled ‘Absolute Proof’. In the film, Lindell claims that a Chinese cyberattack “flipped” the 2020 elections and said that one “miracle” that happened on election night was that at 11:59 pm the algorithms of the voting machines “broke”. “What this means is that Donald Trump got so many more millions of votes that they didn’t expect…” Lindell had said in the film. The film was taken down by YouTube because it violated the platform’s policies. 

“Instead of retracting his lies, Lindell — a multimillionaire with a nearly unlimited ability to broadcast his preferred messages on conservative media — whined that he was being 'censored' and 'attacked' and produced a 'docu-movie' featuring shady characters and fake documents sourced from dark corners of the internet,” the complaint reads.

Mike Lindell, left, CEO of My Pillow, is a prominent Donald Trump supporter and used his financial clout to back Trump's claims of election fraud. (Getty Images)

How much is Mike Lindell's net worth?

Lindell was a controversial figure even before he became a prominent Donald Trump supporter and perpetuated the claim that the 2020 elections were 'stolen' from Trump.

The self-made multimillionaire and infomercial superstar created the MyPillow empire from scratch in 2004. He did it while addicted to drugs. The college dropout had described himself as a "pretty hard-core cocaine addict" when he had a dream about the concept behind MyPillow -- a pillow that would hold its shape.

Convinced the dream came from God, he founded MyPillow, which is located in Lindell's hometown of Chaska, Minnesota, outside Minneapolis. In 2009, he began his journey toward sobriety. MyPillow also started growing as a company. The company claims to have sold over 41 million pillows and had roughly 1,600 employees in 2019. 

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell waits outside the West Wing of the White House before entering on January 15, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

In a 2017 CNBC profile, Lindell said he had spent $100 million on infomercials and revenues had grown from around $100,000 a year to close to $300 million. In November 2020, Lindell's donation to The Fight Back Foundation Inc. helped pay for Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 million bail. According to Celebworth.net, Lindell draws a salary of $31.67 million as CEO per year. His net worth is approximately $190 Million.

Dominion's 1.3 billion lawsuit targets both the revenue and assets of MyPillow, the company, and its CEO Lindell. This means that if Lindell is unable to prove his statements against Dominion Voting Systems and they are categorized as "defamatory" by the courts, Lindell could see his company go bankrupt and see his personal fortune evaporate as well.

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