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Mike and Karen Pence: Love at first law to a strong and happy union, a look at their steadfast relationship

Despite being together for several decades, the pair sure does make people believe in love
Karen and Mike Pence (Getty Images)
Karen and Mike Pence (Getty Images)

Mike and Karen Pence's relationship makes people aware of how important it is to have a partner who is strong and supportive. Karen has always stood by her husband and their countless appearances together are living proof of that. The pair first met in 1983, outside of Indianapolis' St Thomas Aquinas Church, as reported by Business Insider. 

Karen used to come to the church often as she played the guitar during the mass. During this time, Karen was teaching at a local shop while Mike was studying law at the same University where Karen's sister was. After their first meeting in the church, Mike reportedly begged the school to give Karen's sister's phone number in the hope he could get in touch with her. 

While he eventually got the number, when it was time to ask her out, Mike felt nervous and cut the call. Fortunately, he managed to call her again and Karen agreed to meet. For their date, the pair enjoyed having a taco salad and later, went for ice skating. Their chemistry was so hard to ignore that Karen's niece reportedly made a $1 bet that she would marry Mike. 

After eight months of dating, Karen was looking forward to the day when Mike would finally ask her to be his wife. She reportedly had a "yes" engraved on a gold cross that she carried around in her purse while looking forward to the day when her dream would become a reality. 

She managed to give the chain a month later and it was also the time when Mike had a surprise planned for her. For their proposal, Mike had hollowed two loaves of bread, and in one he had a bottle of champagne, while in the other he had the ring. When the time came, he popped the question and Karen was quick to say "yes".

The pair got married on June 8, 1985, surrounded by their close friends and family members. The pair had their reception at Midway Motor Lodge, and for their honeymoon, they decided to spend quality time at Nassau. While the pair had thought their life was going to be happily ever after, during the first six years of their marriage they struggled with the news of infertility. 

Karen admitted it was a hard time for them. However, the pair managed to come out stronger and are now proud parents of three beautiful children. Years after their marriage, the spark and chemistry have not faded. The pair always manages to find ways to keep each other entertained.

There have been times when they are spotted cycling together and enjoying some quality time. The pair also tends to follow certain rules that might come out as unique and different for others. Mike reportedly does not attend events that have alcohol without Karen. He also does not go out to dine with other women. 

Karen had admitted that over the years she has helped Mike make some big decisions about his career. She is also one of his biggest supporters and makes sure she stands by him. Even President Trump applauded their marriage. Despite being together for several decades, the pair sure does make people believe in love.