Could the death of Chuy be the last straw for 'Midnight Texas' fans?

The relationship between Chuy, a demon, and his husband Joe, an angel, had convinced 'Midnight Texas' fans that love has the power to conquer it all

                            Could the death of Chuy be the last straw for 'Midnight Texas' fans?

'Midnight Texas' has taken its viewers on an eventful ride ever since it first premiered in July 2017. Introducing us to vampires, fallen angels, demons, psychic, and many other supernatural beings, this show knew just how to lure us into its magic.

However, it seems like its charm spell is slowly wearing off. Season two, which premiered in October 2018 made many ask questions about what the Midnighters could possibly have to offer its audience after they stopped an army of demons from taking over the earth.

While the showrunners tried to maintain their grip on its audience by bringing in plots like Fiji pledging her allegiance to the dark side, to the entry of Patience, the witch who along with her brother gave rise to dark magic.

It seemed like the scriptwriters were trying too hard to maintain the excitement among the fans which was seen throughout the first season. But it seems like the death of Chuy, a demon who was happily married to an angel for centuries might have added fuel to the fire and ruined things for the show.


We are first introduced to Chuy and his husband Joe in the first episode of the show. Looking at the happily married couple, you are made to believe that, despite all the turmoil and problems around someone, love has the power to conquer it all. As the show progresses, we find out that Joe is a fallen angel while Chuy is a demon.

Defying all the odds, this unlikely couple made people fall in love with them. However, by depicting an angel that is gay, the show took a lot of risk in terms of audience reaction. 

It is made clear in the episode that Joe becomes a fallen angel not because of his love and attraction towards man but for the fact that he chose to fall in love with a demon. When the show first shed light on Joe and Chuy's relationship, there were many who protested this pair as they believed it was a deadly sin to play with the religious values and ideas. Nonetheless, there were many who admired the couple and saw beyond the believes and ideology.


"I am loving Midnight, Texas in a way I haven’t loved a new show in a while. I need more Joe and Chuy though," wrote one fan on Twitter. Another fan added, "Listen, super excited for Midnight Texas to come back. But so help me if Joe and Chuy's relationship ends in this, the year of 20Gayteen I will pull an Arya Stark on the people responsible."

While many rooted for the couple to get through everything, very little or almost close to none would have thought that anything could come between them. After all, they have been married for centuries and, if nothing happened in all this time, what could happen now?

Well, looks like the showrunners had other plans. In the sixth episode of season 2, titled 'No More Mr. Nice Kai', we see the sad decline of the relationship between Chuy and Joe. Thanks to the trickster who entered the town of 'Midnight Texas', Chuy finds out that Joe had cheated on him with Walker, a human who is a demon hunter. Not surprisingly, like any other angry partner, Chuy is uncontrollable and, as his demon side appears to kill Walker, Joe is left with no other option but to kill the man he has loved for centuries. While the viewers are still trying to wrap their heads around Chuy's death, one question that most of them have is just 'why'.

It seems rather bizzare that Joe decides to cheat on Chuy after spending centuries together and, for a couple that strong, it seems unlikely that their relationship ended because an angel decided to cheat on his demon husband with a human. (Nothing about this seems to make sense but it so happens that it is just the way the showrunners want it to be.)

Even the fans were quick to express their disappointment over this plot twist. "Disappointing to see Midnight Texas destroy itself with how the writers decided to treat Joe (@JasonLewis) and Chuy (@heysaracino)... Sigh! It was such a progressive supernatural show. Don't know what the writers were thinking.," wrote one.

Another added, "So Midnight Texas decided to kill Chuy n Joe isn't an angel anymore n will likely hookup wd the man he cheated on Chuy wd? Lol, what the heck is ds show? I'm done wasting my time wd Midnight Texas. Y'all keep watching if u want n IF it returns for S3 which isn't 2likely." 

This comes after it was revealed that 'Midnight Texas' is fighting hard to get a green light for season 3. As per SpoilerTV Cancellation, the show is likely to be canceled and there may be no more Midnighters to entertain. Looking at the audience's reaction to the death of Chuy and the plot about Joe cheating on him, it looks like the show has already lost much of its fan base.