'Midnight Texas': Five things we are going to miss about the show after its final episode

NBC announced that it won't be renewing the show for a third season after two season runs, and it has left fans disappointed

                            'Midnight Texas': Five things we are going to miss about the show after its final episode

'Midnight Texas' fans were left disappointed after NBC announced that it won't be renewing the show for the third season. The show made its debut in 2017 and was quick to sweep people off their feet by taking its viewers on a dark but magical ride of a small town known as 'Midnight Texas'. Revolving around the lives of Manfred Bernardo, a psychic, Olivia Charity, a freelance assassin, Lem, a vampire, Bobo, a human, Fiji, a witch, and Joe, a fallen angel, the show seemed promising to its viewers as it showcased a fusion of drama, romance, and supernatural. Unfortunately, as the show reached the second season in 2018, which premiered around the time of Halloween, it was unable to have the same impact on its audience as before. Despite the show's cancellation, there are many reasons why the show will be missed and here are some of them:

#5 Manfred's Grandmother Xylda


Let's accept it, who wouldn't want a grandmother like the one Manfred has? Despite being dead, she never gives up on her grandson and is always there for him when he needs her. Right from sitting on the passenger seat and advising Manfred to not give up on his friends to warning him about a danger that might be heading his way, she definitely has his back all the time.

#4 The evil side of Fiji


When we are first introduced to the character of Fiji, we see her as a kind, friendly, and loving witch who would never hurt a fly. However, season two has something special for Fiji and her fans as we got to see a side of her that we never knew existed. Pledging her soul or as we see in the season, her butterfly, we realize that Fiji might just be the girl that one should never mess with. Her charming uncaring look and a desire for enjoying evil showed her character in a different light and as much as it was sad for the Midnighters to see her that way, it was a form of entertainment and amusement for all the fans.

#3 Olivia and Lem's relationship


When we first meet Olivia (human) and Lem (vampire) in the first episode of the show, the first thought that came to our minds was to think of them being a Twilight couple. But little did people know that they are nothing like the romance shared with Edward and Bella (although it might be similar in some ways, though). Olivia and Lem have been the power couple from the start and there was nothing that could break them. Even the trickster failed in his attempt to separate them. While we always expected Olivia to be affirmative about her decision to stay a human, we soon see that she would rather live forever as a vampire than die by being burnt (a good decision on her part). Sadly, we will not get to see how things would have changed for Lem and Olivia after she is turned into a vampire. But by guessing how they are, we are sure it would have turned out to be good.

#2 Manfred and his ghost encounters


François Arnaud definitely charmed us all with his acting and while Manfred has his way around with the ghosts, there are times when we wish that he just hadn't allowed them in. From allowing almost six demons to get inside his body to let his ancestor get inside him just so she could have Lem massage her, things have been pretty weird with Manfred and his ghosts. However, there is no denying that some of them have been quite hilarious and we are definitely going to miss that show.

#1 The Midnighters and their friendship


People say that it is hard to find friends who will stay with you forever but things turned out to be pretty good for the Midnighters. Despite their differences, all of them did not fail in uniting together as a team and as a family. Fighting all odds, beating all the demons, and choosing to always be loyal to one another, the Midnighters showed us that true friendship is possible and redefined the meaning of friendship. Even though we will not get to see more of them and their friendship, we know for sure that whatever would have come towards 'Midnight Texas', with all of them together, nothing could ever destroy that place.