'Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything else about this heartwarming Japanese show

'Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything else about this heartwarming Japanese show

On Thursday, Netflix announced that Yaro Abe's 'Shinya Shokudō ('Midnight Diner') manga is inspiring a new live-action series on its network. Calling it wholesome is not even doing justice to the show – 'Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories' is one of those shows that fill you with warmth and goodness.

The story revolves around The Master (played by Kaoru Kobayashi), who runs a quaint diner in Tokyo's bustling Shinjuku district. 

Release date

The release date for the second season of 'Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories' is not yet announced, but it is most likely to premiere during Fall. MEA WorldWide will update this article when it does.


Tucked away in a back alley, away from the hustle and bustle, is a Japanese diner. It is open from midnight to seven in the morning- they call it the Midnight Diner. This low-key drama focuses on the diner's eclectic customers, people of all ages and from all walks of life.  The Master usually seems detached and is content to sit and smoke as his customers chat among themselves. When he does step in, it's usually with a piece of sage advice, his calming voice soothing arguments and helping bring in a sense of normalcy.


Based on Yaro Abe's original culinary comic 'Midnight Diner', which was published in Shogakukan's Big Comic Original), the drama first aired in 2009. Since then, it has been adapted into films and foreign remakes, with a fanbase that is spread across the world. Technically, this supposed season two is actually season five of the Japanese series.


Kaoru Kobayashi returns to reprise his role as Master

Kaoru Kobayashi as Master on 'Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories' (Image: Twitter)

Japanese actor Kaoru Kobayashi is set to reprise his role as Master on 'Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories'. He is best known for his role in 'Quill', 'Like Asura', and 'Haru's Journey' among other works. He has won an award for the best actor at the 30th Yokohama Film Festival and the award for the best supporting actor at the 8th Yokohama Film Festival for his work in 'Sorobanzuku'.


The rest of the series' cast like Mansaku Fuwa, Joe Odagiri, Mansaku Fuwa are also returning, with the addition of guest cast members Tooru Nakamura, Akira Emoto, Tasuku Emoto, Ryo Katsuji, and Kento Nagayama.


The show is produced by Hitoshi Endo and directed by Joji Matsuoka, Nobuhiro Yamashita, Shotaro Kobayashi.


There is no trailer released for the upcoming season, but you can watch the trailer for 'Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories' here:



Where to watch

All the ten episodes of the second season will come to Netflix later this year. 

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